Friday, April 20, 2012

That neighbour in my hood 2

"Oh hi." I replied. I leaned on my gate. "Are you back home yet?" He asked. I immediately looked around. There was no one there. I smiled. "Yup. I just got home." I said and entered the house quickly. He sounded different on the phone. He was talking a bit faster. Maybe he was nervous. Hehehe. I was just about to ask a question when the line cut. I smiled again and put the phone in my pocket with plans to call back when I got into my room. Just when I got to my room my phone rang again. "Julian?" I asked myself and looked at the phone, but it was another number. I raised my eye brow small and answered the call.

 "Hello?" I said. “Hey, Juliet right? This is Julian." He said. I smiled. He probably run out of credit on the other line."Hey, what's up?" I said taking off my sandals. “You know, I've been meaning to ask you. How did you get my number?" I asked, slowly lying down on my bed. He giggled. "Oh I thought you knew by now. You left your phone in my car." He replied. I naturally put my hand in my pocket. My alternate phone wasn't there. "It must have slipped and fallen. So its with you right?" I asked again. He said yes and I calmed down a bit. That made sense. Interesting way to play out. "But hang on, that doesn't answer my question oh." I said, coiling into a spoon position. "Yea, that's right. I called a number on there to ask if the person knew your house so I bring it to you. The person, ehh Rita gave me some directions and said to call you on this number to confirm. I'm sorry if it’s weird." He explained. He sounded really nice. He had some low voice be like that. Lol. "Oh no. Thanks. I mean you went through all of this for me. I'm grateful." I replied. Awww he was so nice. 

We spoke for a bit. He told me where he lived and vice versa. “Hey I’ve got to run. Will bring your phone over in a bit, alright?” He finally said and hung up. I laid down on my bed for a while and got up to do some work. After my late lunch I couldn’t keep my eyes open much longer. “Chale what kwraa?” I said to myself and hit my bed. In no time at all I had fallen asleep. “I can play the background…” My ringtone played. I opened my eyes and slowly put the phone under my pillow. Sadly enough I could still hear it ring. I took a look at it and saw the number. It was what Julian used to call me the first time. Then I remembered. He was bringing the phone to my place.

 “Hello?” I answered reluctantly. “Oh did I wake you up? I’m so sorry.” He said. “No, no it’s ok. Are you at my place?” I said. There was a brief silence. “At your place?” He asked. I opened my eyes fully and checked the number again. “Isn’t this Julian?” I asked. “Yes, oh you should go back to sleep. I insist, you sound so tired.” He said again. Me naa I love me my sleep so I didn’t mind. We hung up and I turned to sleep some more. “Angmans!” My mother called. I had just started my second dream. I gave a feeble ‘yes’ and forced myself off my bed. The helper came to my room and said someone was looking for me. 

I did the slowest quick fresh up ever and went outside. Then I saw him, Julian. He was standing outside the gate. Seriously? “Hi.” I said, with a mix of surprise and gladness fused with a little confused. "Hey, hope I'm not interrupting. I should have called before I came." He said. He had a nice smile. I smiled too. "Oh it's fine. When you called I didn't think you would come any time soon. I thought you were allowing me to sleep." I replied. "Oh you slept?" He asked, handing the phone over to me. "Yup, but you told me to." I teased. His smile seemed to fade. "Really? I ...I don't remember telling you that." He said with a slight giggle. "Ah, when you called me like 10 minutes ago." I said folding my arms. "Huh, I called you just once. In the afternoon." He said, and I froze.  

To be continued...


  1. Julz! You've started ur thing. signing off just wen da suspense reaches a peak. Enjoying it so pls make da continuation available soon!