Thursday, November 24, 2011

You don't know jack

It’s funny how you say “I knew you would do that”
Or when you shout “the real you would have said nothing!”
Acting like you were present when God was creating me
Giving Him tips on where to put which button and how it’ll be
But honestly, you don’t know jack about me!

For 10 years we lived in the same boring neighborhood
So because you have seen me for a decade you know everything about me?
But maybe for just a second out of those years I refused to repeat the things I do best
It may not be good to think I could do anything or that I’m a mystery
But really, you don’t know jack about me!

You believe I am capable or incapable of the worst things
And that you know when I’m lying because I blink fast and my voice sings
Maybe I want you to believe I am lying so I blink and you get the wrong picture
The right picture for me because I painted it and you are on my canvas because you saw my trend
A trend I planted just for you knowing you would get caught in it purely because


  1. Jack :| I like this, people assume a lot when it comes to people that they have known for a period of time, they stop knowing the person and work with things from the past...they forget that we mature and age..They really dont know Jack about us