Monday, November 14, 2011

10 regions

Upper East region is graced with pretty women, I'm a living testimony, bragging!

Upper West region is nice too with friendly crocodiles who leave their mouths hanging

Northern region has some good waakye and chao fruits eh, my goodness it's amazing

Brong Ahafo region has Kintampo water falls, just the perfect place to go gazing

Ashanti region, siano haven, graced with the Asantehene and intense money searching

Eastern region, has some sweet weather, nice vegetation and the biggest Easter merry making

Western region, there you would find a whole village on water, Nzulezu, fascinating

Central region, education hub for Senior High schools, young minds given the power of creating

Volta region, land of few cats and beautiful roads, with naturally acquired bilingual (French/English) speaking

Greater Accra region, the capital city with the newest cars, where all of Ghana calls home enjoying city living

I love my country!


  1. 'Bout time I went to the Upper East u know! Think it will do me good. Could it be that the cats (aka Josephs) in Volta have been practicing family planning? Nice piece!

  2. hahahahaha @ the family planning.

  3. we sooooooooooooo do have a fight...forgotten i rep volta erh??? :p

  4. About time, I visit Ghana. I intend to visit next year.

  5. Hmm so the Volta region is the land of few cats and beautiful roads ??i see...any Region wanna Adopt me??? Upper East Preferable..