Thursday, November 17, 2011

Alice 12

The man seemed to enjoy talking. "You see my lab was set on fire by one of the workers there, the lady who was keeping her all this while. She felt we were being inhumane so we lost all our data and she made away with the only surviving baby, Alice. I even named her myself you know. She is really special. You see when we put her together we realized she had even more amazing abilities. Like super sharp memory, telepathy and even psychic activity. Who knows what else she can do?" He went on, stroking her hair. "I have come back to take what is rightfully mine. It's so unfortunate that you two had to be entangled in this. You see, I can fry you like I did the man who delivered her to me just now or I could let you go if you swear to be silent." He offered. Rodney paused a while and said, "We will go with the latter." The man giggled. "Good choice. Now this is how we are going to do it. You will wait for me to leave before you leave. Is that clear?" He asked. Rodney nodded. "What about Alice? Are we just going to leave her with him?" I asked hitting Rodney in the back. "What do you want us to do?" He asked. I couldn't say anything.

We watched the men disappear into the darkness. "You made him take her away!" I cried and hit Rodney again. I was still shivering with tears in my eyes. "Hey stop crying. Let's get out of here. We are lucky to be alive." He said holding me close. We turned around to go into our car and heard a very loud sound. It was Alice. She was screaming. "Alice!" I called but Rodney held me back. I was completely helpless. Then we heard a man scream even louder, followed by two gun shots. Rodney loosened his grip of me and I managed to run in the direction of the sound. I wasn’t thinking. What could I possibly have done? “Doreen, are you crazy?!” Rodney yelled and rushed after me. He caught me just when I was at the mouth of the tunnel. He didn’t have to hold me. What I saw was enough to keep me frozen forever. The assassin was had been torn apart. There was blood all over the place. His left arm was closest to us with his gun close to it. His head was lying right next to Alice and the rest of his body was oozing blood across her. The loud man was standing some meters away from her, holding what looked like a flashlight.

“Oh wow, I see you really love my specimen. You keep coming back. I will warn you not to get too friendly though. She does like tearing things apart. I need not explain.” He said, looking around at the remains of the assassin. I could literally feel Rodney shivering now. “My man here wanted too much money from me. It’s really silly to think you can’t be killed just because you are an assassin. Life is cheap like that.” He said and giggled. “We were, just, ermm leaving.” Rodney stammered. The man laughed again. “It’s a little too late for that. This is fun. Just watch.” He said. He turned on his odd looking flashlight and shined the light on us. Alice’s hair turned deep purple immediately and she rushed to us, running with her mouth wide open. “Doreen run!” Rodney yelled and pushed me out of the way. He reached for his gun but before he could aim, Alice pounced on him. She was like an angry grizzly bear. I watched as she tore my husband apart. “Nooooo!” I cried. She literally pulled off his right arm. Rodney screamed at the top of his voice. "Stop!" I shouted.

I knew I wasn't half as strong as this little girl but I run to her and tried to pull her off him. I couldn't just lie there and watch my husband die. Then the strangest thing happened. Immediately I got hold of her, and we struggled a little, my phone fell out of my pocket. Alice cried out immediately and moved back. For some reason she didn't like the light. It was so bizarre. "White light! My goodness, this will reverse her emotions. Alice, come here." The man said. Alice's hair turned to normal and she looked at the man. "Daddy?" She said, walking away from him. "Yes it's me Alice. We need to go home. Come." He replied. Alice didn't seem very amused. She turned to look around. "Oh, I have been a bad girl." She said. I didn't know what to think. Then I remembered: Rodney! I rushed to him. He was bleeding so much. She cut him in the chest, really deep. I picked up my phone to call an ambulance. "Doreen. I...I love you." He said and fell. "Rodney! Hey, don't do this to me. Please don't. I beg you." I said with tears all over my face. I dropped the phone and held him close to me, with his blood soaking into my clothes. "I love you too Rodney. I love you too." I cried.

I didn't even notice Alice walk to me. I was too busy trying to convince myself that my husband wasn't dead. "Teacher, I am sorry." She said in a very angelic voice. It was almost like I couldn't see her. My mind was clouded. "It is all my fault. I am sorry." She said again. "Auntie taught me how to make things better." She added. The man walked to us and put his arm on Alice. "Alice let's go now!" He commanded. "You killed my husband." I said out of rage. I grabbed Rodney's gun and pointed it at Alice. "What are you doing?" David asked in shock. Alice was equally afraid and she started crying. I didn't expect this. I lowered the gun immediately and fell to my knees. "Kill me too. Tear me apart too. I can’t live with the guilt." I said in tears. Alice run to me and hugged me. She was still crying. "Teacher, please hold me." She said. Her hair was turning purple again. I did as she said. I guessed it was my time to die then. I felt extremely cold and her hair was almost violet now. It was flying all over the place as usual and there was a very bright light. It was so strong I closed my eyes. I could hear the man shouting in the background but his voice just disappeared. 

All of a sudden, I heard the sound of children playing and opened my eyes immediately. I looked around. I was in our school. It was break time and the children were playing around. It felt like a déjà vu until I turned and saw Alice crying next to me. Was this real? Could we have actually traveled back in time? "Alice, is this a dream?" I asked her. She wiped her tears and said, "No, I brought us back, but I don't want Daddy to find me." I nodded in agreement and hugged her tightly. We were going to get through this!

End of season one.


  1. Interesting read, patiently waiting for season 2..Any chance i get to star in this Alice Series? :P

  2. Assassin again? no i like the "R" Character :D

  3. And it gets better. Really interesting. Pls keep dem coming!