Thursday, December 8, 2011

My passion

My mother is so annoying sometimes. When I spoke to her over the phone some days ago I told her I was coming home for the weekend to rest after my stressful mid semester week. She was so excited and said the house had been boring without me. I knew she missed me. Hannah, my older sister had moved out of the house when she got married. Being a single parent we were all my mum had. Well sort of. On Saturday morning my mum came into my room at about 6am! She tapped me and asked "oh are you awake?" I was so close to saying no. "Oh Frank. Wake up." She said when I didn't mind her. I turned around and looked at her with my eyes squinted. "Sweety, I need you to pick some roses from Mrs. Quaye's place for me." She said pulling my cover cloth off me. "Oh Ma, at this time?" I complained. She made her usual surprised face and nodded. "I have a client coming to pick up some orders this morning." She said, looking through the magazines I had on my bedside table. I stretched and took them from her. "Ok, I will go. Give me some minutes to get dressed." I quickly said. She smiled and rushed out. She was so close to opening my magazines! They weren't even mine like that. I was just, you know...keeping ...them for..ermm..whatever! I think my mother just manipulated me.

I dressed up fast and went to the dining table. My mum usually did her hamper arrangements there. She works as a teacher for a junior high school but she makes hampers and gift items as a side business to substitute her income. When my father left us she realized her lean salary couldn't take care of us so she turned her hobby into a business. She makes so much money from it too oh, purely because she has very satisfied clients and knows how to bargain. Eii, that woman can bargain! "Mum, I'm ready oh." I said with music plugged into my ears. "Ei Frank isn't your music too loud? I can even hear the lyrics." She said. I giggled and reduced the volume. She leaned over and pulled the phones out of my ears. "Oh." I said. She giggled and replied. "Oh sen? Because you are in the university you want to do things by heart eh?" I rolled up the phones and put the ipod in my pocket. I laughed aloud. "Sorry oh but you know I love music. It's my passion." I said playing with one of her ribbons. "Just like how making hampers and gifts is yours." I added. Then something super funny happened. My mum shook her head and said. "Me my passion saved me financially oh. Yours will make you deaf. That's the money. Please hurry up eh?" I picked up the money and walked out. Just before I got out I heard hear shout. I turned around. A needle had pricked her finger. "Aha! Your passion has hurt you." I teased. "Herr! Go away." She said pretending to throw something at me. I rushed out laughing.

I walked to the junction and waited for a trotro. The woman's shop wasn't far from ours at all. In less than 6 minutes I was at her shop. She already had the roses ready. I paid her and collected them. And left immediately. I hopped into another trotro and was about a minute to my junction when I realized that I hadn't listened to my music at all. Ahh, this woman made me forget. I plugged in nicely and increased the volume to the max...just for shege sakes. Lol. I didn't like the song that was playing so I took the ipod out to change it but it slipped out of my hand and fell. It was a big trotro too so I had to bend real low for it. Just when I grabbed it I heard an odd sound. It was a bit piercing. Then I felt the bus move sharply to the left. I hit my head on the lower metallic part of the seat in front of me and everything went black.

The next thing I heard was a beeping sound. I woke up and realized I was in a hospital. A doctor was standing beside me and talking to a nurse. I heard him say "his mother can see him now. Oh we can discharge him too." The nurse left and a few seconds later my mum was here. She was smiling but I could tell she had been crying. The doctor spoke to her and she came to me. "I'm so sorry Frank. I should have let you rest." She said. "Oh mum its not your fault. If I had not been listening to loud music I wouldn't be here." I said feeling bad. She laughed out loud. "You must have passed out pretty soon." She said and took my ipod from her bag. She took a deep breath and said. "The bus run into a were the only one who survived. Looks like your passion saved your life." She waved the ipod at me. DON'T LET ANYONE STEAL YOUR PASSION!