Never marry

7:49 AM

When I was younger my mother would sit me down and say to me

Never marry a doctor. He will spend so much time healing complex diseases that he would ignore your pains.

Never marry an actor. He will easily deceive you with his staged role plays.

Never marry a photographer. He will not see your beauty because he takes pictures of models everyday.

Never marry a lawyer. If he can lie to make a whole jury believe him, he will do it to you.

Never marry a business man. He will always put his money ahead of you.

She would go on and on till the list was impossible to remember. Then one day I asked. "What man should I marry then?"

She smiled and said. "Marry  a carer, a motivator, an understander, a protector and most of all a lover."

My mother was right. Don't marry a man for what he does for a living but rather marry him for who he is :)

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  1. Awww Julz,Your MuM is right. *looks left & right*I think you should marry me :D *runs away with sOniC speed*

  2. Marry a footballer! (O, Didi is one? whaddaya know...)I like this.

  3. :-) I like that!
    I had no clue where she was going with this but she is right.

  4. yeah right!!, your mum is so right. will keep that in mind. thanks for sharing..-:)first time here and loving it.

  5. I like dis! Going to get myself a lover to marry . lol

  6. yes oooh! And don't marry her bcoz she is Miss Ghana. lol

  7. "an photographer" your mum about engineers and let me

  8. @ Martin- shhhh oh you too. lol

  9. Your mum was just directing you thoughts to me, Listen to her...!! Very nice piece. keep it up

  10. You just had to list photographers eh? hehehe

  11. @Pocho - how i go do am? lol


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