Thursday, October 20, 2011

9ty 9 in 9

My grandpa was a very old man but honestly he wasn't 9s.

He would always beat my brother and I when we did the least thing like wake up after 9.

One day my brother was so furious with the old man that he threatened him with a 9f.

My grandpa calmed down, allowed us to go and gave us a heavy beating that 9t.

We were just kids but he beat us with his cane for not one or two lashes but about 9teen.

Oh how we wished we lived in Egypt so one day we will drown him in the river 9l.

It was sad when we reported him to our parents because he would always de9.

He would charm my mother like he was some sweet little 9tingale.

Now I'm standing in front of his grave and remembering all he did and realizing how much it has shaped me  and there u have it, 9 lines about a man who lived to be 9ty 9.