Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hi Stranger 3

Then like magic we both looked away at the same time. We froze for a bit and started to laugh. We were so in sync it was scary. “You have a boyfriend right?” He finally said. I nodded and he smiled. “Ok, this is pretty awkward. I’ll just lie like this. I suggest you do same.” He said and turned to face the other side. We laughed again. The tension just seemed to have disappeared. “Can I ask you something? Does your girlfriend know you are here?” I asked. “Yes she does. You don’t think I’m trying to take advantage of you, do you?” He asked, turning to face me. “No, that’s not why I’m asking. It’s my boyfriend. When I called him I heard a girl’s voice in the background and I was kind of upset.” I confessed. He tilted his head a bit showing part of his amazing ‘back head’.

“To answer your question, yes she knows I’m with a bunch of friends and some are girls. With your boyfriend right, let me ask you something. Should he doubt you?” He asked. I was almost offended until I realized what he meant. “Oh yea I get you. I just have to trust him eh?” I replied. I was lying down next to a really hot guy, why should I be upset when he does the same thing? I smiled broadly. “Hey thanks.” I said and he nodded. He smiled again. “So in order for us to remain faithful, I suggest you turn your awesomely attractive face away. Thank you.” He said and I couldn’t help laughing. 

We lay there chatting, about relationships. He was giving me good advice too. He made jokes about almost everything and told me things I almost didn’t believe. He told me one thing I would never forget though. He said, “If you focus on enjoying yourself in a faithful way without your partner, it will strip you off your suspicions. Learn how to have fun on your own.” I knew he was right and even though I never saw him ever again, he gave me something that changed my relationship forever. Thank you Vincent!

The End


  1. oh!! what happened to the saucy kinky sex on the beach???? u let me read three parts of this with no action at the end??? warrisdat? Vincent your face!!!

    but good one tho. not really amused about the 'twist in the tale' but good nonetheless.

  2. I find this kinda abstract... but in a good way. Almost like the story starts with a sudden ZOOM in to something (Don't try to understand that, i just can't put what i am thinking any better).
    Bottom line though... GREAT Piece!