Monday, October 31, 2011

Alice 10

I really wanted to scream but I couldn't. It was as if my voice was lost. The assassin held a gun two inches away from my face. His finger was on the trigger. With the slightest bit of effort my life would be gone! He signaled for me to move inside. It happened so fast I almost couldn't believe it. Just when I turned to move I heard a loud gun shot. I fell flat on the floor with my eyes closed. I felt no pain. I opened my eyes immediately and saw the assassin bleeding in the arm. Rodney was standing close to the road with a fired gun in his hand. "Doreen, stay down!" He yelled and fired again at the assassin. This time he missed. The man crawled behind one of the huge pillars.

 Rodney shot his right hand so he found it hard putting the gun in his hand. He managed to switch the gun into his left hand and fired at Rodney and missed badly. I was now lying on the floor almost in between them. I wasn't far from Rodney but I was just too afraid to do anything. "Doreen, crawl to me." Rodney said in a low tone. I tried but my arms were shaking like jelly. I tried the first time and fell on my face. I tried again immediately and crawled towards him.  I froze when I heard Alice scream. I turned around and noticed that the assassin had moved a bit further, away from the pillar he was behind. I gathered courage to stand up but Rodney yelled at me to get down. Another man was coming out of the shadows with Alice in his hand and a gun pointing to her head. He wore glasses and looked very decent. Alice's eyes were closed. Her face was expressionless. 
 The scene was horrifying. I was next to Rodney now. He pushed me behind him and I just stood there shivering. "What do you want?!" Rodney yelled, taking a few steps back with his gun aimed at the man. "One more shot from you and I kill the girl." He replied in a very funny accent. Then the assassin also came out, holding his gun feebly in his left hand. He had tied his wound with one sleeve of his shirt. "Look, the girl you are trying to kidnap is far more dangerous than you think." Rodney said. The man laughed quite genuinely and said. "Thank you for the information but I created her myself." I felt Rodney twitch, or was it me?
 "Yes, she is a very successful experiment, well almost. I spent years trying to figure out how to control her rage issues. You see, she is a splice. We had DNA of 7 animals to make her. Clearly you didn't think she was just blessed with these abilities did you? Oh you laymen, you have no scientific bone in you at all." He said shaking his head. "You do know what DNA is right?" he teased, rolling his eyes. Rodney and I were too shocked to say a thing. "Let me give you a simple idea of what this pretty child is. We carefully selected the strongest animals, each for a specific purpose, put them together to produce the ultimate human being. I am sure you have seen her display already" he said. Alice was just standing there with her eyes closed. 
To be continued...


  1. WHAT DID U JUST DO? U re unbelievable! Dey shd never put u anywhere near da ministry of roads and highways. We'll end up driving in twisted cars in order to be comfortable. Love it tho :-)

  2. Julz...Julz..Julz!! DNA of 7 animals?? Ad3n???? Eish this scientist en head tron Loving this and can you please make it longer next time?? thanks..Not dropping a hat today,i have 1 too many here :P Hat or no Hat..You Rock mehn!!!

  3. @david- hahaha eiii. glad u like it :)

  4. you are just mean yoo

  5. lol oh don't worry i will continue soonest!

  6. I agree with malota4eva......u are just being mean....hurry up and continue ooo
    :), by the way, metu me ky3 ma wo