Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flirtatiously me

I noticed he was staring when he sat down. His eyes seem to twinkle when he turned to look at me. It could have been the light though, but whatever it was, this hottie definitely caught my eye. I whispered to Bijoux, “Oh my goodness, that guy is checking me out. Do you know who he is?” She pretended to be calling the waiter and looked at him. “He’s hot!” She said and we both giggled. “No I don’t know him but his friend looks familiar. That’s Daddy’s lawyer’s son. Don’t really know his name.” She said. Bijoux knew everybody! I looked in his direction one last time and caught him staring. I turned away shyly and straightened my long hair. “Go talk to him.” Bijoux said. I turned and looked at her like she was mad. “Are you kidding? I can’t. He will come here in a few minutes. Just watch.” I said with a smiled. Bijoux took a sip of her wine and giggled. 

I think I had gotten to the second stage of eye flirting when a problem came in. A tall girl walked into the pub. She looked so odd with so many colours in her outfit. “Look, it’s a rainbow.” I whispered to Bijoux. She turned around sharply and giggled. “Let’s go to her table, maybe we will find a pot of gold.” She teased. I burst out laughing. This was to get my hottie to look at us but it didn’t work. She was staring at the rainbow. Huh? Was he serious? I had to up my game. I took out my pen from my bag and dropped it. I saw him turn as I bent over to pick my pen. Our eyes met when I was getting back up. I smiled shyly and turned away. Then I noticed his friend turned to look at me too. Then he shook his head and pointed to miss rainbow. Oh, this boy too, what was his problem?

I was beginning to consider Bijoux’s advice but how? I couldn’t lose to a rainbow? I mean seriously, a rainbow! I had one last move, the walk. I told Bijoux to see if he would stare and I got up and walked out slowly, pretending to be on the phone. I came back in five minutes and sat down eager to hear the news. “I have good and bad news.” She started. I crossed my legs and said, “I’m listening.” She smiled, “He looked at you when you were going and all the way till you got out.” She said. I smiled and clapped. “Wait but the bad news is, when you shut the door he started flirting with the colour junkie.” Bijoux added. I was mad and looked at her one more time. Just then, the hottie got up and walked in my direction. My heard missed a beat and I put my hand on Bijoux’s just to calm down. “Hi, hope you girls are having a good time.” He said when he got to our table. I smiled and looked straight at him. “So…” He said turning to me. “How much do you charge? My place is not too far and my car is right outside.” He said.

I looked at Bijoux and back at him, took off my ZediCross earring then I….. (Scene too violent to even put in words. Your guess is as good as mine)


  1. I looked at Bijoux and back at him, took off my ZediCross earring then I… $#%^&*&^%^&%$#%^&*#&^&*#&^%$^&*^%%^ phew.. (Scene still too violent to even put in words. Your guess is as good as mine)..what???..lol

  2. OK now sometimes u know ya'll over do it....hehehe u shd have stayed put, nut honestly we rly arent able to walk and say sup without an intro