Thursday, August 5, 2010

Me or her?

She told him all sorts of stories about me

She said I was worthless and he was stupid not to see

She couldn't understand why he preferred a simple lady

While she was a popular girl on the lips of many

"My hair is longer, my lips are wider, it's just her eyes that make her pretty"

She said behind my back but gave smiled when she saw me

She wanted him back and thought this was the key


I was told about his history with her

I was his girl and he wanted me to know they were a pair

I loved his honesty and knew his feelings were very clear

I noticed she wanted him back, the evidence was there

I was a bit insecure because he got closer to her

"Why don't you tell her you are with me and you don't want an affair?!"

I realized he couldn't man-up coz he had been through a lot with her

I'm hurt, I'm sad and this is just too much for my heart to bare

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