Saturday, August 14, 2010

He trys

Friday, 7:30pm…
His fingers are busy typing. He turns to look at a picture of them together.
He turns away fast and types faster than before.
Boss walks into the office. “Mark, this is good work. Your raise is on its way.
He smiles broadly and looked at her in the picture again, this time a little longer.

She is lying on her bed. She reads a beautiful text he sent on her phone.
Her girls have called and asked when she will arrive.
Little black dress is hanged not far away from her and glitters in the light.
She sits up and dials his number but she can’t reach him coz his phone is not on.

Friday, 8:24pm…

He is about to take a taxi home. He is late so he calls her to let her know.
She is fuming, she is angry. “Everybody has already left, where are you?”
“I just closed I will be home in thirty minutes then I’ll come, sorry” he says.
His eyes hurt, he still has more work to do but he doesn’t want to let her go.

Friday, 9:07pm…
His father is out, his mother‘s car tyre is loose so he changes it quickly.
She calls, “Mark where are you? If you don’t want to go just tell me.”
He is beginning to get angry. He is doing all he can.
He sparks the car. He’s out of the gate. He gets a text,
‘forget it, I’m going to bed.’ She says rudely.