Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Last minute

You know how sometimes you get the feeling that something isn't right? I was having that feeling and it was extremely strong. As we walked through the bush, several images flashed before my eyes. Kwasi turned to look at me. "Ma guy, hurry up eh?" He said. I increased my pace. We got to the shrine sooner than I expected. If I anyone had told me that I would go see a 'prophet' in my life time I would have laughed and walked away but here I was live and coloured.

I'm sure you judgemental people are already accused me of 'sakawa' but wait till I finish eh? I'm not saying your wrong ooh, just be patient. Before I could change my mind the man came out of his shrine. To my surprise he was in a pair of jeans and a fake Nike t-shirt. I didn't imagine him like that kwraa ooh. I expected to see him in some form of rafia skirt and preferably shirtless, the kind of 'accessories' that would go with the HUT he lived in. He seemed to read my mind (or was it my expression?) and he asked "You doubt my power don't you?" I looked at Kwesi as if the question was addressed to him. This was scary, if I told the truth he might get offended but if I lied and he was indeed powerful, lightening could strike me chale so I just smiled like a fool. He grabbed an egg and threw it into a pot of water and what happened changed my state of mind immediately.

As much as my life was about to change drastically I couldn't forget how far I had gone. I had to do this because I was going to die anyway. A few weeks ago, I was in a bus on my way to Takoradi in search of a job. The foolish bus driver tried to overtake a timber truck and collided with another saloon car. Two people died and there were several injuries. I was on the side of the driver in the middle seat so I only had a few scratches or so I thought. After a couple of days I started feeling weak, had blurry vision and was sent to the hospital. I was expected to be given my malaria shots and discharged but when I saw the look on the Doctor's face I knew it was more serious than that. I was bleeding internally and it was too late to be saved. I had just 3 days to live!

It was Kwesi's idea to go to the prophet. You see, I've never known my father and my mother worked so hard to take care of my little brother and I. She used all the money she had saved to send me all the way through to the university but I couldn't pay her back properly because I didn't have a job. I was her only hope, I didn't want her money to be wasted. Besides Kwesi nobody else knew I was going to kick the bucket soon.

With a bottle of water in my hand, I was about to live the last hours of my life with a difference. That was if it worked. When I got to Kwesi's house, I drunk the water, followed the rest of his instructions and when I opened my eyes, there was so much money on the floor. I couldn't believe it! I had my whole life planned (all 24 hours of it), I would win a lottery, give half of the money to my mum, invest it in some business in the name of my brother oh and of course...party hard!!!

Everything was going on smoothly: mum was so excited, she didn't have to work so hard anymore, my brother was finally going to get his dream video game. I loved the looks on their faces. They had suffered enough and finally they were happy but I couldn't help feeling guilty. In less than 20 hours they would be crying and wont know what I had done. Kwesi seemed to know what I was going through so he put his hand on my shoulder and set up a night out with some friends. We were to have drinks and later go clubbing.

We went out shopping and bought fresh clothes, a car and went to all the hot spots in Accra. For a moment I forgot the clock was ticking. We spent so much money, money I had never handled before, made friends too.(Spend money, get friends free) Reality hit me when I realized how fake some of my friends were. People who would never look at me twice were being all nice and friendly. I sort of liked the idea that I was leaving all these fools behind. I'm sure the alcohol in my system also played a part.

Then it happened, it was about 3:20am. We were driving to another club, I was behind the wheel with Kwesi and two other girls in the car. I don't know where she came from. I happened so quickly. I slammed the breaks as fast as I could but it was too late. I rushed her to the nearest hospital. It was so scary how it happened because I wasn't driving fast. The doctor told us the girl was bleeding internally and little could be done for her. All of a sudden I remembered something the 'prophet' said, "your tragedy would be replicated by the wealth you are about to acquire". Was she paying for the money I had got? This was stupid.I started feeling weak, I guess my time was running out. The nurse noticed and put to me for screening. I was in my dying bed and all I could think about was my family and this girl I had hit.

I told Kwesi to call my family, I had to confess. My soul wouldn't rest that way. He said it was a stupid idea and my mother would die heart broken but I dissagreed. We argued and he walked away. Everytime I closed my eyes to pray I saw terrifing images and a tall man in a red hooded gown stretching out his cold, skinny arm to me. I tried to keep my eyes open as much as I could. Instead I took a pen and paper to write everything down. My state was critical now and when the nurse came and saw me writing she tried to stop me but I insisted and asked her to call my mother for me. My legs felt like they were on fire and I could hear disturbing screams and sounds. That was when I knew God was the only one who could save me but some how I just couldn't call on Hi.....



  1. You're really goo, Julz. When is that book coming out?

  2. thnx. hmmm we will work on that :)

  3. U gotten me paying attention like a 5 yr old at an episode of By da fire side! Wonderful piece dear!

  4. thnx hun...all 4 ur reading pleasure.