Monday, July 12, 2010

My Window- Shopper (Part II)

I turned to her and said a calm ‘hi’. She looked at me and was startled. “I just want to ask you something.” I explained. She tilted her head and looked down. She was reaching for something in her bag. I went on, “why did you run off like that the other day?” She didn’t say a thing. She just turned away and tried to leave. I held her hand and she looked at me, surprised. Just then a man came from nowhere and pulled her away. “Why are you harrasing her?!” He shouted. I didn’t know what his problem was. She was trying to hold him back but he moved closer to me. “I was just asking her a question.” I replied in a lower tone. He looked at me carefully and finally said, “Leave her alone.” Then they both walked off. What was his problem?

Danny told me not to get involved with her because her boyfriend was clearly crazy. I did not understand why he acted so harshly. It was clear we were just talking. What was a cool girl like her doing with a useless guy like that? Instead of being deterred I felt the need to protect her. I had the shock of my life the next day. At about 5:20 my Window-Shopper passed infront of the shop. She looked prettier than ever. Her eyes were glowing. She put a piece of paper on the foot of the door and walked off. I was going after her when Danny stopped me. "Chale just read the note." he urged. I picked it up and it read...

I am sorry about what happened the other day. I don't know what you wanted to ask but can leave a note for me so I'll answer it the next time. I don't think you should talk to me. Thank you, bye.

I couldn't believe it. Why didn't she want to talk to me? She didn't even know me. I replied immediately. I told her I just wanted to get to know her, just to be friends. Maybe that was a lie but I didn't intend to scare her away again and I was sure that was all the proof her boyfriend needed. But he wasn't right for her. I left the note at the same place she left hers and waited. Just when I had given up hope in her coming by, she showed up. She seemed very nervous. Just then I understood why. Her boyfriend was with her. He had that stern look on his face and was dragging her by the arm. I just watched them from the shop. She stared at the note on the floor but could not pick it up.

I was fed up! Who did he think he was. I rushed out and stood infront of him. "Hey, what's your problem?!" I asked. He moved her aside and walked closer to me. "You are my problem so stay away!" He replied in a louder voice. I turned to look at her, she was signaling me to stop. Why should I, he was clearly abusing her. The next thing I know, the crazy guy threw a fist at me. I was quite blown by the punch but I managed to reply. He wasn't that though any way so I gave him a good beating. Danny rushed to his aid. "Are you ok?" He asked him. He nodded and managed to get up. I turned to look at her, she was crying, she helped him up. Why? I wondered but then his last words made things clearer. " I'm still warning you to stay away from my sister!" I just froze.

I couldn't believe how stupid I was. Danny made it even worse. He found out some more about her. Her name was Zelda Okine and her brother was Nelson Okine. She was attending the Deeper Sounds School. That was a school for the deaf and dumb a few blocks away. I was such an idiot. He was protecting her because of her inabilities. It all made sense. I had to appologise, big time! I wrote two letters. One was for Zelda and the other her brother Nelson. She hadn't passed by the shop in two days so I decided to send it to her in the school. This time I went with Danny. When we got there we were told Zelda had left the school a day before. The school had no further records they could give me. I had blown it up. I never saw Zelda again, but this lesson I'll keep for as long as I live.


  1. I loved this... and the twist at the end. you're a good writer. You might wanna visit or follow my blog sometime...

    Keep 'em coming. I always love a good read

  2. thanks. Will read urs too asap!

  3. U sure do know how to twist a story! Gal u re good!