Monday, July 26, 2010

Her request

A two year old girl was playing with her 4 year old brother and she asked him, "Martin, what is blood?" Martin looks at her and responds, "It is some red thing in people." Angela thinks for a while and asks again, "Have you seen some before?" Martin smiles and nodds his head. Angela gets up beaming from ear to ear. "I want to see some." She sings. Martin admires his sister's excitement and thinks of how to grant her wish. He grabs her hand and they run to their parents in the living room.

"Daddy, can I have a blade?" Martin says when they get there. Mr. Lamptey turns to look at them curiously. (Angela is still beaming)He smiles at her too. " Yes you can but not now." He replied. Smiles begun to fade but these kids were not satisfied. "When?" Martin asked again. His father stuck to his words. This time Angela grabbed her brother's hand and dragged him back to their play room. "Daddy is bad!" She muttered as they left.

They went on playing for the rest of the day but Angela still had blood on her mind. During lunch, she asked again. "Daddy can we have the blade now?" Her father patted her head gently and said, "yes dear, but not now." Mrs. Lamptey who didn't want to comment on the matter got a little worried. When the kids run off she asked her husband, 'Are you really going to give them a blade?" Her husband laughed out loud (lol'd) and nodded. "Yes, when they are old enough to handle it." He explained and immediately calmed his wife's nerves.

Later that evening, Angela was chasing the cat around the play room and she fell. She had a bruise on her knee and was bleeding lightly. Martin rushed to her. "This is blood." He said excitedly. Immediately she stopped crying and starred at her knee. "Wow, the red thing." She said trying to smile with tears rolling down her chubby cheeks.

This story is not very different to what we do everyday. We ask God for things that we know we need but God made us so he knows us best. He knows what will help us and what will hurt us. So we ask and ask and when we don't recieve we feel like he isn't listening. He is, he just knows what's best for us and gives it to us in his own special way.


  1. chale u for start pay me royalties as against u de use my name an tins. Abi u de bab....Anyways in da next short story u for make me blowman u hear...hehe...

  2. hahahhaha blowman paa. Did u notice i used Angela too? odd coincidence!