Wednesday, July 28, 2010

His music and him

"Julz I don't want to miss the front seat, hurry up." Sandra said and literally dragged me out of the car. "Look here, if you wanted those seats you shouldn't have wasted the time putting on ounces of make-up" I replied. We were at a huge musical concert with all the Stars performing but we were mostly interested in Yaw P. He made such cool music. Sandra and I were huge fans and had a crush on him like everybody else.

Thanks to Sandra's 'dosted' boyfriend, we had VIP tickets (Real VIP tickets!). The show had already started but Yaw P hadn't performed yet. "I'm seriously going to talk to him at the after party." Sandra kept saying. She can be obsessed like that. And he came up to the stage. All of a sudden the screams in the audience went cloudy. He was amazing. What a guy! There was something so real about him. It wasn't just the fact that his music was so easy to relate to, he simply took my breath away.

I joined Sandra in dancing to his songs. The concert was the best ever. I was watching Yaw P in VIP! I felt the show ended too soon but I guess we were just having a good time. "Hey we've got to get to the after party before it's chocked." Sandra said, yet again dragging me but this time I didn't mind. I knew all the girls were rushing there too. It was late so the roads were clear and we got there quite early.(the car park was almost full)

"That would be 40 cedis EACH." The bouncer said when we got to the entrance. "What!?" I screamed. The people behind us were giggling. "But we have VIP tickets" Sandra added. He just looked at us and said, this time in a louder tone, "40 cedis each!" (very embarassing) To make matters worse, two girls behind us brushed us aside and paid. They giggled at us as they walked inside. Now I was really mad! "Sandra let's go, this is silly." I whispered to my friend. "Errm Julz I want to go inside. If you have 35 I could lend you 5 cedis." She responded. I didn't know what to say for about 5 minutes. "Naa it's cool, I don't really wanna go in (big lie!) So what do I do?" I asked and scared of the reply. "Hey you can wait in the car. I won't be in too long." (40 cedis, who was she kidding?) Sandra said. She gave me her keys and rushed off all excitedly.

So I'm at in a parked car in a packed car park. I turned on the radio and all I heard was Yaw P's music. I got even more depressed. Then I thought about driving to some cool place and just hanging out. I mean Sandra slacked and gave me her keys. I sparked the car and was off to a beach resort close by. It was so blissful there. The beach at night is always lovely. It was a full moon too, very romantic. I sat on one of the rocks in the dark. There was a guy there. I'm not the type who start conversations but I wanted to talk to someone. "Hi, what are you up to?" I said calmly. He didn't even look up. He was facing the sea, writing something in the sand. Was this some form of rejection? "Yawa" ooh.

I wasn't going to lose this battle so I said again, "Hello." This time he stopped writing and turned. "Sorry, hi, was praying." He said. I couldn't believe it. This wasn't real. I was talking to Yaw P! "What are you doing here at this time?" He asked as if he wasn't Yaw P. I tried to straighten my face because he was looking. "Errm actually I'm from ..." I started. "The concert. I know, I saw you. Your smile is unique." He interrupted. I didn't know what to say. I guess he noticed and smiled. I was acting just to goofy. I was on the beach with Yaw P, I needed to get a grip of myself. I took in a deep breath and just like magic I was calm. We chat about music, food, jokes and all the simple stuff. I had the night of my life. Oh and poor Sandra heard the whole story on our way back home. Hehehhe.