Thursday, April 8, 2010


If dreams could come true, what would we do about our bad dreams? Would there be a way to shut out the nightmares and turn on the fantacies? Would life be more fun? I’m just as clueless as you. Last night I dreamt I was deeply in love with a strange man. This man was well known to be mean and violent and here I was holding hands with him and hugging him like an absolutely harmless person. In the dream my brother heard from his friends that I was dating him and he refused to believe it.

In my dream I could see my man was no angel because he clearly had tatoos on his arms, not sure about his hair but it definately wasn’t modestly cut. There is a scene I so vividly remember and it goes like this... He opens his car to sit in it and I walk over to his side. He that asks, ‘do you want to drive?’ I smiled and nodded. He looked at me and smiled even harder and opened the door for me? (Doesn’t sound very tough guyish righ? I know!) So I sit in and he gets into the other seat and we are off. He makes fun of me as we drive through a crowded area. He is teasing me constantly and I try not to laugh too hard and lose concentration. Then I think we meet someone else and she also wants to drive so I hop into the back and my man playfully cries out for help. She gets into the drivers seat and is making so many mistakes. My man is totally laughing now and I’m trying to direct her and I can’t help but giggle at thesame time.

After all the drama we are alone again and this time we are at a pub. We got a table and had some drinks while we talked. (In a very friendly way) People around were starring, looking at me like I was crazy but I didn’t even budge. I looked into his eyes and wondered where he had been all my life. He was almost the definition of a definate ‘no no’ for me but for some reason he was so right.

When I was taking my shower the dream just came into my head and I was wondering if I would ever want such a dream to come true because I was truely happy with someone who scared the daylights out of everybody else besides me.


  1. hehe..the cat is dreaming of fish...hehe, my cat liked, guess wat am dreaming of..u kno i'm Ewe. haha

  2. hahahha so you were fatening your cat with papaye? Oh Shels.