Tuesday, May 29, 2012

His muse 4

"Hey. Akua let me call you back alright?" She said looking directly at Edem. He and his friend both froze. "How are you?"  She said again. Edem's friend kicked him and he said, "I'm fine. You look great." He said. She giggled and looked at the plain tank top and jeans she was wearing. "Thank you. I didn't know you were a student here too." She said smiling. Edem just smiled back. "Hi I'm sandra." She introduced herself to his friend. "Hi, I'm Moses." He replied. Edem turned to look at him. "Seriously? Your parents named you Moses?" He asked. Sandra started laughing. "Oh shut up." Moses replied. "Anyways, I have to go. My roommate has been calling me. See you around." Sandra said, taking her car keys from her pocket. "Ok. Ermm...Sandra." Edem managed to say. "I have a performance next week Friday. Would you like to come and watch?" She paused and smiled. "I could buy the ticket for you. Its at the Fairline hotel at 7pm." He added. She smiled. "Ok, that sounds cool. How much is the ticket. I would prefer to buy it myself because I doubt I will come alone." She said. "10 cedis." Edem replied. She smiled. "Ok. That's cool but I have to run so will see you there, ok?" She said and hopped into her car. At that moment Moses was singing praises to him.

Dean was so impressed when he heard Edem’s story. “It’s just annoying that she will come with her boyfriend.” Edem said. Dean turned to look at him. “Chale, are you sure you want a girl like Sandra?” He asked putting more clothes in his bucket. Edem paused for a while and smiled. “Why, you don’t think I’m good enough for her?” He asked, almost offended. “No, that’s not it at all. She is a beauty queen. I know Sandra is cool and all that but she has so many boys after her. The competition is tight.” Dean explained. 

“Deanie!” His girlfriend called. “Sally I’m in the bathroom.” He called out to her. She turned around and walked to them. “Edem I was asking Dean if I could get an extra ticket for a friend for the fashion show.” She said when she got there. Edem nodded. “Yea sure. The organizers gave me 4 tickets. The person I wanted to invite said she would buy her own ticket so you can have it.” He replied. Sally smiled and took out her phone to send a text. “Thank you! Oh were you going to invite Sandra Osei?” She blurt out. Dean turned and gave her a furious look. “Oh, I’m sorry.” She whispered. Edem shook his head. “It’s ok. You guys talk about everything. I kind of knew Dean will tell you.” Edem said, looking down. Dean felt bad. He stopped washing. He told Sally to excuse them. “Look, you know what? After this show you will see more beautiful girls. You will have so many muses it would be hard which one to choose.” He said. Edem looked at him and nodded. “That’s what’s up!” He yelled and they both laughed.

The night for the show came and the organizers gave Dean the program lineup when they got there. They were seated with Sally and her friend. “Look, all we have to do is make these people laugh for just 15 minutes. In actual fact you have no need to be nervous, you know why?” Dean asked. Edem shook his head. “It’s simple. You have nothing to lose. If you go up there and no one laughs, big deal, we are still getting paid. If you go there and it’s a big hit, you also win with a bag of chips.” He explained. Edem smiled at that. He was a little less nervous now. 

All through the show he was looking out for Sandra. The event was not so big so he could see she wasn’t around. Dean put his hand on his shoulder. “Yo, you need to go backstage. Don’t worry about Sandra.” Dean said. Edem stood up. “Why, with her do I also have nothing to lose?” He asked sarcastically. “Actually yes. Hear this. If she shows up, you can watch her laugh and if she doesn’t you have something to talk to her about when you meet her again. Technically she will owe you one.” Dean said. Edem’s face shot up into a massive smile. One of the organizers was signaling at him to come backstage. “Dean, you be guy. You just made my day.” Edem said turning to leave. Dean smiled, made his voice feminine and said, “So am I your new muse?” He teased. Edem hit him and rushed off. 

To be continued...


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