Saturday, May 26, 2012

His muse 3

“Yo, why are you standing there like that?” Dean asked walking up to him. He saw Edem staring at Sandra as she walked off. He turned back to Edem and opened his mouth. “The girl you were talking about? That’s her? Sandra Osei?” He managed to say. Edem turned to him immediately. “You know her?” Edem asked eagerly. “Yea, I mean who doesn’t. She won Miss University. Dude are you thinking of…? Oh please forget about it.” He replied and walked off. "Wow, I'm sure she beat everyone easy kwraa." Edem said as he walked off with Dean. "Oh yea, she is really nice too. Most of these girls who win something small act all stuck up but this girl is super modest." Dean continued. Edem felt even worse. "Why are the good girls all taken kwraa eh?" He asked. "They are just too irresistible to stay single for long." Dean answered with a giggle. "Anyways forget about girls for now. When you get your cash and go from show to show the girls will be chasing you." He added, trying to cheer Edem up. "You are right! I can't wait to tell my parents I won! Next semester I'm gonna be schooling with you." Edem finally said smiling.  

Edem automatically made Dean his manager. They went for the prize money together. Edem almost couldn't believe it. The first thing he did with the money was buy university forms. He was so eager to get a proper education. He knew he needed it. He tried to forget about Sandra but when he got admission he knew he would see her again and that was just enough. 

In less than 6 months Edem got a call to perform at a fashion show. One of the companies that sponsored his contest was organising it. Dean spoke to them and he landed a cool amount for his first gig. "Ma guy the show is in two weeks oh so please start preparing now. This is your chance to make it big. Plus the prize money only caters for two years. You need to work for more money." He advised. Edem nodded calmly but his heart was racing. He bought a notebook the next day and took it with him everywhere he went so he could write funny things down. Dean was impressed. He believed in him but he was also happy he was taking things seriously.

One night Edem went to Dean's hostel. " you think if I invite Sandra to the show she will come?" He asked shyly. Dean wasn't very pleased. "Yo, are you still thinking about her? I thought we spoke about this? Look you won because you have talent and not because she was there." Dean said. Edem looked down. "Ok you know what? One of the girls in my hostel is her friend. I will ask her to ask her." Dean finally said to cheer his friend up and just like magic it worked. "Thanks chale!" Edem said excitedly. "Ei, relax she hasn't said yes yet" he added and they both laughed.

On his way from lectures the next day Edem was chatting with a new friend when he saw Sandra. She drove past them in a brand new blue Kia Picanto. It was the Pageant car. He wanted to stop her but what if she didn't recognize him and drove off. That would definitely be shyous so when she turned in his direction he kept his head down. He walked on to his Hall far behind her car. When he got to his hall he noticed her car parked there. He looked around to see if he would see her but he didn't. "What are you looking for?" His friend asked. "That." Edem said finally finding Sandra walk down the stairs. "Wow, fine girl. Do you know her?" His friend asked. "Yea but I don't think she remembers me." He confessed. Sandra walked to the car. Her neat ponytail was shining in the sun and she held her phone, chatting and laughing in a conversation. "Chale that's miss university. Nice." Edem's friend said as they passed her by. She turned and looked at them and Edem's heart missed a beat. 

to be continued...