Thursday, May 10, 2012

His muse 2

The final comedian was up. After him the judges would announce the winner. Edem was no longer nervous. All he kept doing was look at his enchanted girl. "This guy isn't funny kwraa. I better pass am." He said. Dean agreed after listening to one thing he said. Edem on the other hand was not listening to him at all. He was just watching her. She wasn't laughing. She was merely giggling. In no time he was done and the winner was going to be announced. Edem closed his eyes and said a little prayer. Losing wasn’t much of a big deal for him anymore. He had a pleasant distraction. The second runner up was mentioned and he went to the stage for his prize. Edem held his breath. The first runner up was also mentioned and he rushed to the stage as well. Now the moment of truth had arrived. “And the first position goes to…Funny Bone!” The presenter said.

 Edem’s face dropped. Dean turned to look at him and put his hand on his shoulder. He was about to say a word to him when the presenter said. “But not him alone. Edem! It’s a tie for first position.” Edem froze. “Edem join us on stage!” The presenter said again. Dean had to push him onto the stage. He was in shock. “Come here Edem. The judges gave both of you the same marks. Thanks to our lovely sponsors the prize money will be double so both of you will have the grand prize.” The presenter said, holding Edem’s hand. He was smiling from ear to ear. He turned to the stage and saw her. She was clapping and cheering. Edem felt so good. 

“I told you. You have really good talent.” Dean said as they packed up to leave the venue. “It wasn’t all me. There was this girl that gave me most of the courage and even the jokes.” Edem confessed. A guy walked up to them. “Yo, the chick is on the move. She just left through the front exit.” The guy said. “Ayt, thanks.” Edem replied and rushed off. “Ei superstar where are you going?” Dean called as he sped off. Edem got to the place just in time. “Hi.” He called out to her. She turned around and saw him. He was panting. “Hello. Oh it’s you, congratulations.” She said. The wind was blowing through her hair. Edem suffered a bit with his next words. “Erm, thanks, thank you.” He finally said. “I wanted to say thank you. Like, to you.” He added. She looked surprised and giggled. He finally heard that giggle. It sounded just as he had imagined it on stage. “For what?” She asked, taking a step closer to him. 

“Please don’t take this the wrong way. When I was on stage I was very nervous. After I saw the other guys I felt like I wasn’t good enough but when I saw you laughing, it just sparked me and I lost all that fear. You probably didn’t notice it but thanks.” He said. She smiled. “That’s really nice, I’m flattered.” She said. Then she put out her hand. “So where is my share of the money?” She asked sharply. Edem stummered. “It hasn’t really been given to me yet.” He said honestly. She laughed. “I’m joking. For a comedian you have a strange sense of humour.” She teased and laughed some more. Edem caught the joke and laughed too. “Maybe you would have beaten me if you took part in the competition oh.” He said, loosening up. “I know right? Would have beaten you all with just that joke.” She said and they both laughed. 

“Sandra, I was looking for you. They had only pineapple.” A tall guy said. He walked over to her and gave her a cup of fruit drink. “Hey, I heard you were great in there. Didn’t see you perform but Sandra told me some of your jokes. They were crazy.” He said when he saw Edem. Sandra was giggling. “Oh thanks.” Edem said. “The guys are ready.” The guy whispered to Sandra. “Ok sure. Edem, I’m leaving. I hope you do more shows so we can come watch you.” Sandra said. She gave a little wave as she walked away with the tall guy. Edem waved and watched her leave. “Why are all the good girls taken?” He asked himself. 

To be continued....


  1. "Why are all the good girls taken?"
    Great story enjoyed every bit

  2. Erm Edem all the good girls are taken because auntie Julie always introduce this tall guy from no where.. #showspoiler lol :P.. fingers crossed Edem.. Hope dey..

  3. didi you're so right.but seriously though,why are all the good gals taken?

  4. @ Korku- :) glad you like it.

  5. @Didi- oh so now it's my fault? lol

  6. @Jase- i think I should ask Edem that and get back to you. lol