Friday, July 15, 2011

Alice 6

Alice didn’t come to school for a whole week after the incidence. I felt horrible. Patricia said she spoke to her aunt and she said she had decided to home school Alice and that the trauma of losing her parents made her act the way she did. “It’s all my fault. I just made you lose a student.’ I said to her. “Oh Doreen don’t feel guilty. Think about it like this. Now Alice is gone, I don’t get angry parents calling me. We lost one to save the rest now get to work!’ She consoled. This time her words didn’t really help.

It had been four days without Alice in the class. Rodney and Patricia seemed to think this was a good thing but I had a bad feeling about it. Maybe my shrink was right, maybe I had a liking for this girl. “Oh my dear, cheer up. After all she liked you didn’t she? Don’t let this get to you so much ok?” Rodney said. I managed to smile. “I know but I feel really stupid. I shouldn’t have told her what I think I saw. I’m such an idiot!” I said rubbing my forehead with the palm. We were going to his sister’s wedding. It was just the perfect environment for me. The beautiful decorations, the music, seeing lots of familiar faces and also stealing styles for dresses. In just a few minutes I forgot all about Alice. The day was so neat. I told myself I was going to forget the whole issue. I was silly to tell her aunt that tale but I was tired to being gloomy. What was my problem? My husband had just got a promotion, he wanted us to have a baby and my class was back to normal. I had a lot to be thankful for and the sermon at the wedding just did the trick. God wanted me to start afresh and that was exactly what I was going to do.

“Doreen could you go to my office and get me the attendance sheet? Thank you.” Patricia said. We were having our usual monthly staff meeting. All the teachers were seated in the staff room with Patricia. Sometimes I felt more like her Personal Assistant than a teacher in her school. I nodded and walked out. As I marched to her office I looked out the window and saw one of the teaching aids escort a little boy to his parent. I stared so hard I almost missed the office. I really couldn’t wait to have one of my own. I went straight to the file where Patricia kept her attendance sheets. I saw the one she wanted and grabbed it but just before I left I saw something that caught my eye. Alice’s file. It was wide open and I recognized her passport picture. I looked around to make sure no one saw me and took a closer look at the file. She had no other relatives except her aunt. Then I saw their home address. It was a few blocks away from a friend’s house. I knew where it was. Just when I was about to flip the page and read some more I heard a child cry. I shook in fear and dropped the sheet I was holding. I picked it up immediately and rushed out of the office.

“Doreen can I get a ride home?” Mrs. Taylor asked. She was one of the new teachers. We got along pretty well because she was in my neighbourhood. “Ermm I’m not going straight home. I will make a quick stop somewhere. If you don’t mind.” I replied. She thought for a while. “Oh but can you drop me off at the main junction?” She asked again. “Yes, sure. Let’s go.” I replied. That was on my way. She hopped into my old Camry and we drove off. “Are you going to see a friend?” She asked. “Ermm pardon?” I asked absentmindedly. She repeated herself and I nodded. I was far in thought. I didn’t know why I wanted to but I felt I owed Alice’s auntie and apology. I dropped Miss Taylor off at the junction and went on with my journey. I knew the road very well but wasn’t sure how the houses where numbered so I slowed down when I got to their street. “Number 17E.” I whispered to myself as I watched the numbers of the houses. Then I found it. How ironic, the house was painted violet and white. I parked across the road and took a deep breath. “Here we go!” I said to myself and got out of the car.

To be continued


  1. the suspense is killing........

  2. Mehn this lady likes trouble sha!
    "Let sleeping dogs lie" Can she? no she can't :)

  3. dum dum dum duuuuum....some suspense theme song for the background wont be bad at all. can almost imagine the scene. keep them coming girl.

  4. more coming out just tomorrow ;)