Saturday, December 18, 2010

His kind of girl (9)

“Hey I brought you something.” Nicky said, sitting next to me on my bed. She pulled out a box of chocolate from her bag. I managed to smile. It was Celebrations! Who won’t smile at Celebrations? Nicky looked like she was holding back. “What is it?” I asked with my red eyes. “Doris, I don’t mean to be harsh but the things you are doing these days are a little scary.” She started. I sat upright and looked straight at her. “You are juggling boys here and there. Sedem told me you guys kissed and in minutes you are going on dinner dates with Pierre? It’s not like you at all.” She went on. Then my phone rang. It was Mr. Oppong, my boss. He wanted to know if I had gone to the hospital to cure my ‘malaria’. “Yes sir, the doctor prescribed some drugs for me. I just started the dose.” I lied. He advised me to get enough rest and drink lots of water before he hanged up. 

Nicky just giggled. “Your skills just keep getting more increasing. Doris, make up your mind what you want and stop swaying like a pendulum.” She said. She was right, the makeover seemed to bring more problems for me. “You won’t understand. You have always been pretty and popular. I’ve never had this kind of attention before. The closest I’ve been to a fine boy is being his bestfriend. Do you know how it feels like to watch a guy you like date girls pretty like you all the time? Nicky I’m 26 years old and I have only one ex-boyfriend and we dated for two months! I’m not justifying myself or anything but I waited for Nana for many years and now it’s all a big waste.” I said with tears in my eyes. Nicky froze for a while and moved closer to me. “Doris, you are an awesome girl and you know it. There are not many guys who are good enough for you. Forget about ex-boyfriends. They are just extra baggage you don’t need. What’s important is now. Tell me who you really like. Pierre, Sedem or Nana?” She asked. I looked at her and pointed to the used tissues on my bed. “Isn’t it obvious?” I shot out. “Ok, so that’s what we are going to work on.” She said. “Nicky, sometimes I wonder if you are blonde. If he remembered me and didn’t like me, how will he like me now? You should have seen how he smiled at Vanessa.” I said. Nicky hit me with a pillow. 

“Let me tell you something about Max and I. When he asked me out, I wasn’t very interested. I said I needed time to think because of Kwesi. Remember Kwesi?” She paused. I nodded and she went on. “Kwesi gave me more attention but we didn’t click like that. I noticed Max was someone I wouldn’t really get tired of and I wouldn’t regret making sacrifices for.” This was interesting. I always thought they had a fairy tale relationship from the start. “Do you know when I knew Max was the one? I saw him at a certain girl’s room. It was like I had lost something. That girl was so hot and I was insecure! I wanted to tell him about how I felt but because I had tossed him so many times I was ashamed. Luckily for me, he noticed it and asked me out again. That day I didn’t slack! I said yes faster than Bolts.” She said. I was laughing out loud now. “As Nana’s mum said, he will remember you. Just be patient. She said he remembered his dad just today right? Maybe he’s remembered you too. Go to the hospital and see the boy but remember to be patient.” She added. The smile on my face widened. “He has been discharged now anyways. Thanks Nicky,” I said and gave her a hug. “You know if I were a boy I would have hunted you down long time.” She whispered. I pushed her away and moved back playfully. “Say no homo!” I yelled. “All homo.” She teased. I grabbed a pillow and run after her. She’s silly like that.

For the next week I was Vanessa’s friend to Nana. I told him, I saw him play basketball a couple of times because we were in the same Uni. It felt funny but nice at the same time. It was like we were getting to know each other over again but I had the upper hand so I scored high points. This is a typical example.
Nana: Oh you had chicken sauce for lunch? I like fried chicken.
Me: Me too, especially when it’s dry fried with lots of spices.
Nana: wow, that’s exactly how I like mine. We seem to have a lot in common.
Hey you can’t blame me, Nicky said I should be patient. No matter how fun it was I just couldn’t help thinking that when his memory of me came back, he would change. I thought telling him I was Doris would make him remember but it didn’t work. I wasn’t going to complain. I would just enjoy this moment and be his new friend. 

“Pierre, there’s something I need to tell you.” I said nervously. He turned to look at me with no urgency at all. “I really like hanging out with you. You are such an amazing guy, like a dream guy…but I think I like someone else. I know it’s stupid of me to tell you this now but…” I started but he cut in. “Doris, I already know. You are really not that good at hiding emotions you know.” My mouth dropped. I didn’t expect this as all. He was actually smiling. “You gave yourself out the day we met that guy at the Black and White party.” He added. I was still frozen. My brain seemed to be on leave. Then he held my hands. “It’s ok to like someone else. You don’t owe me an apology. I never really told you what I wanted did I?” He said. This time I managed to shake my head. “Your company, your shy smile, your strange giggle; just enough to keep me sane.” He added. “Sane?” I asked. It seemed my body was working better now. He took a deep breath and looked down. “I lost my wife less than six months ago. I almost went mad because I couldn’t let go of her or do anything right but spending time with you seemed to help. So technically if anyone has to appologise it should be me because in a way I used you.” He said. His eyes were tearing but he managed to control them. “No, you didn’t. I understand you.” I said. I couldn’t believe how sad he must have felt. I put my hand around his shoulder. “Ok so I guess we both cancelled out our little secrets. And I want you to know that I’m here for you. Anytime you want to hear my strange giggle, just holla.” I said playfully. He laughed and gave me a hug. “Thank you Doris.”

I went to the salon and had my expensive weave taken out. So I was back to being a bre nya in no time. “I thought the Brazilian hair would motivate your hair to grow oh.” My hair dresser teased. I didn’t even mind her. I took out the fake eye lashes too. So I was back to my old self but I still kept the Wonder bra and the interesting wardrobe. Those had to stay! It was Nana’s birthday and his mum was throwing him a party. I got to Nana’s party with Nicky a little late. I saw Vanessa representing. She walked up to me and asked if Nana had remembered me yet. I said, “No, not yet oh.” But honestly I wanted to say, “B*%#*, mind your own f#^!@*%)^ business!” Life just doesn’t give you too many options.

Nana’s mother insisted that we sing happy birthday to him before he cut the cake so we did. Vanessa rushed over to him and helped him cut the cake. She even managed to give him a peck. Wait a minute! If he thinks we are friends he would never make advances at me if she is still interested in him! I rushed out of the room. This was the wrong place and time to cry. I had to put myself together. Maybe I should just leave. I went back in and looked for Nicky and I met Nana on the veranda. “I was looking all over for you, were you leaving?” He asked. “No, just came out for some air.” I lied. The things girls do. “Cool, let’s get some.” He said and led me back outside. “I want to talk to you.” He said sitting on a flower pot. “Ok,” I responded. This was another opportunity to score more points! “I’ve known you for less than three weeks now but it seems like I’ve known you forever. You are such a cool person.” He said. “But now I look very ordinary.” I replied. “You look fine, I’m talking about your personality. Looks makes a man happy for a day, a good personality keeps him happy all his life. So I was wondering, would you go out with me?” He finally said. My heart was hitting it up like a Jayso beat. I pinched myself… literally. He was still there looking at me and waiting for my answer. Just before the huge yes came out of my mouth, I thought again. He didn’t know I was his friend Doris. He felt I was his soul mate because I made him think I liked everything he liked. It wasn’t real. “Nana, I’d love to but things aren’t how they seem. The reason why you feel you have known me for a long time is because you have. We were close friends, you just don’t remember and… and… you didn’t seem to like me that much. I’m afraid if your memory comes back you will have the same feeling.” I said. I couldn’t believe I said that. I turned around to leave but he pulled me back. “I don’t know why I didn’t like you then, but I must have been silly to not like you. Are you sure I didn’t like you?” He asked eagerly. “Well you said it was because we were close friends.” I answered. “Doris, I like you. I really do and maybe the reason why this feeling is so strong is because I liked you then too and I just didn’t know it.” He said. Then he looked straight into my eyes and said, “Please Doris Abisa, will you be my girlfriend? I will cook for you, I’ll clean for you, I’ll even put my swag away and go to the market for you.” He joked. I was laughing all over the place. How could I have ever said no?

“Wow, that’s the best love story ever!” Nalla said, throwing her teddy bear in the air. “Did daddy really put his swag aside, coz that’s not cool. You should always have you swag on.” Anab said. Nalla hi fived him and they both giggled. “Hahahaha yes your royal swagness.” Doris said to them. She tucked them both in and turned off the lights. “Mummy!” Nalla called. “Yes dear?” Doris responded. “You and daddy are the best parents in the wooooooooorld.” They both said. Doris smiled broadly and she walked up the stairs. “What took you so long?” Nana said when she got into their bed. “Oh nothing much, I was just telling the kids about your kind of girl.” She said and turned off the lights.

The end!!!!!!

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  1. Totally breathtaking! Please when are you publishing your first book? :)