Sunday, December 5, 2010

His kind of girl (8)

I rushed into Nana’s ward as fast as I could. My heart was pounding like a very hungry man with a fufu pestle. I almost slipped on the stairs. A nurse rushed to me immediately I entered the ward. “Are you Doris?” She asked. I nodded and she led me straight to Nana’s room. He was sitting up and his mother was next to him. They were chatting and laughing. All of a sudden he froze when he saw me. “Doris.” He said, with the widest smile I have ever seen. I smiled and moved closer to him. He held my hand and turned to look at his mother. “Oh, sorry.” She said and walked out. He turned to look straight into my eyes and reached for something under his pillow. Like a flash of lightening he was holding a ring in his scarred hand. “Will you marry me?” He asked. My jaw dropped but just before I could say a thing, Pierre walked in with a baby on his shoulder. “Doris, the baby is crying!” He yelled. “What?” I said all confused.  Nana pulled his hand back. “Why Doris?” He asked with tears in his eyes. Then I felt a slap on my face. “Wake up!” Nicky shouted. I opened my eyes. I was on her couch. “I just leave you for five minutes and you are snoring.” She teased.
My dream kept disturbing me. Was God telling me something? If he was, at least he had taken Sedem out. I had to make up my mind about Pierre. Come to think of it, the baby in the dream was so cute. He didn’t seem like a bad choice at all but the feeling of the dream actually coming true was disturbing. Nana will finally wake up and it would be too late. This was just too painful to bear. I had postponed my date with Pierre twice. Luckily for me he had to take a business trip so I could at least clear my head. I kept going to see Nana after work. I had to know how he was doing. His mum was there every day. One weekend his father came to see him too. I was surprised he recognized me. 

Honestly not talking to Sedem was a bit hard. He was one of my best friends! Maybe I was overreacting; he probably said that because he was angry. Nicky had apologized for him like a thousand times. She said I was using what he said as a way to say no to his proposal. She was right in a way. I know that made me act the way I did but he didn’t have to say that to me. Then I thought about Nana and what happened when I ignored him. I picked my phone up and called Sedem back. He didn’t answer my call. Maybe he was busy. Oh well, at least I had tried. 

It had been a whole week and Nana was still in a coma. The doctors kept giving positive responses but Nana still had his eyes closed. Thanks to a new project at work, I was pretty busy. The deadline was insane so I had to work late and even take some home. In all the chaos I managed to go see Nana once or twice. Sedem and I were talking now, even though things weren’t the same. He seemed to be uncomfortable around me. Well I understand him, because I find myself unconsciously talking about Nana all the time. I tried to stop but I just couldn’t. 

The day after Pierre arrived he called me to came over to my place. I planned to go see Nana but I changed my mind. Maybe I should just allow my dream to come true. When I saw him, my heart missed a beat. I guess all the drama made me forget how handsome he was. Maybe it was me but his hair seemed extra wavy and he seemed taller. How was I ever going to say no to him? “Wow, you look great.” He said when I walked to him. Finally, my Hello Kitty shorts and tank top caught someone’s eye. I smiled so broadly, I could feel I looked like a goose. 

“How was your trip?” I asked to break the awkward silence. “Tiring. I had too much to do and the reports I have to write are endless.” He said fidgeting with his keys. Then he paused and said. “I got you something.” He reached into his car and brought out a box. I opened it and couldn’t believe what I saw. It was a silver necklace with my name as a locket. The ‘I’ was dotted with a diamond stud. “Wow Pierre, this is so beautiful. I don’t know what to say.” I said. He smiled and slowly put it on me. “You could say thank you.” He teased. I giggled, “Thank you.” Just like magnet we moved closer to each other and kissed. I almost forgot how that felt. I could hear my phone ring, but it sounded like the perfect background music, then Pierre moved back, “Aren’t you going to answer that?” he said. I shook my head and kissed him some more, I was lost in his arms as my phone kept ringing. After a moment Pierre stopped again, “This is getting a bit uncomfortable, just answer the phone, it may be important”. I reached for my phone, snatching it up impatiently, Sedem, what bad timing. The line cut just when I was about to answer it. I turned to look at Pierre and smiled. The next second the phone rang again. “What at all does this boy…” I started but when I looked at the phone I realized it was Nana’s mum. I answered it immediately. “Doris, Nana has woken up. Isn’t that great?” She said. My eyes lit up immediately. “It is, it is. I’ll be right there.” I responded. I looked at Pierre again; he had a strange look on his face. “You have to go somewhere? I have to be leaving myself. Got work.” He said taking his keys out of his pocket. “Then again, do you need a ride?” He asked thoughtfully. I stood there shocked for a second and nodded mutely. 

When I got to the ward, I kept thinking about how similar to my dream it was. At least I didn’t have a CHILD with Pierre, kisses don’t do that much. My dream flew out of my mind when I saw Vanessa. She was Nana’s ex-girlfriend. He had his longest relationship with her. 9 months is not a lot to many people but with him it was very significant. I felt like slapping her. Where had she been all this while and she just shows up when he’s awake? Nonsense! She was a standing in front of Nana’s room with his mum. I walked over to them and hugged Mrs. Obeng-Yeboah. “Oh Doris you can’t imagine how happy I am. You two can go and see him now.” She said, smiling. Vanessa and I rushed for the door and went in. Nana was sitting up. He had a note pad on his lap. He looked up when we got in. “Vanessa, what are you doing here?” He asked with a smile. I turned and looked at her. I was honestly thinking the same thing. “I came to Accra for a Seminar and I heard you were here. I had to come and see you.” She said with her evil smile that deceived a lot of men! Then I gave a little wave at Nana. He smiled cheerfully. “Vanessa is this your friend or coworker?” Nana asked. The whole room went silent. Then he said again. “Hi I’m Nana, what’s your name?”

To be continued…

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