Friday, September 3, 2010

Random debate

This piece is completely random. Don't even have a topic for this. I just hope that as I type, something will pop up in my head. Wow and it just did. I'm gonna type without pausing. I probably might make spelling mistakes so be warned of typos. lol. Ok I lied coz I just paused to read someone's pop us chat message from facebook. That just goes to show that what people write may not always be the truth! So now I'm going to spend the next few words trying to convince you about something you
will disagree about. Hmmm, I hope you think education is more important than make-up. If you don't then you are either a beauty queen or a hooker. lol. No disrespect!

Ok, wish me luck, here it goes. People say education is enlightenment. They say to be able to live a good life one must be educated, both formally and informally. The same people say make-up is just something you use to improve your physical appearance and that is it. It has no relevance really. We can live without it and it's even an insult to compare it to education which is what makes the world go round. Make up brings no financial gain, no positive change to the environment and is just a form of beautification or rather a way to HIDE one's faults.

Fair enough, let's hear from the other panel. Make-up, conturary to what the so called 'educated' think is not just coats of colour and texture applied to the skin but a form of confidence and force of transformation. Anyone who applies make up and does it well will immediately feel a wave of confidence and will naturally change her persona both physically, mentally and socially. Now, it is true that 'knowing' or education is a important but knowing what to do and not having the drive or confidence to do it is sad. I'm sure you are thinking, 'but the confidence without education is also useless.' No it's not, because confidence builds respect and regard. Why do you think most bad girls get all the girls. It's because they are confident! And maybe not literally but they put on a coat which is indeed make-up.

Team education seemed a little surprised at the strong talk from the opposite team but had this come back. Make up builds confidence and respect but what are those going to be used for? What use is a beauty queen if she hasn't got brains? She's merely a piece of art. Education tells you what to and not to do. It let's you know how to live life even without confidence, education teach you the ways of life. All make-up does to mislead young girls to think beauty is all they need.

Wow, this was a strong punch and I can see team make-up really felt this but they refused to give up. In the first place art is one of the greatest gifts to this world so for a beauty queen to be an art piece is not at all a demerit. Education is basically the ideas to several people on how to do things. These people I believe had individual consciences. With time, they put together several single and group thougts. This goes to show that each human being has the ability to survive on his own. You believe you need to know this and that because a group of people are telling you so. You might be saying 'what is this person talking about. Without the internet would I even be reading this?' Well honestly without the internet would your 14 year old brother or son have broken his virginity or would $2800 have been stolen from Jason King's credit card? All I'm saying is this. Everyrhing has a merit and a demerit. For every thing you choose you sacrife another. Education is not as brilliant as you think.

I am speech less. Didn't see this coming! Oh my goodness, it's so unfortunate our time has run out. We will definately be bringing part two straight to you! This debate will not be over until someone wins!

To be continued!


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