Wednesday, September 22, 2010

He trys (2)

Saturday, 10:00am…
She wakes up with him on her mind. She reaches for her phone and turns in on.
She wants to talk to him but she wants him to feel her pain.
But she misses him and is getting worried because he hasn’t called.
Now she realizes she may be the one who actually did something terribly wrong.

He has just returned from taking his sister to Saturday classes and noticed her texts.
He read all the apologies and managed to smile. He loved her very much.
All he wanted to do was make her happy, she had the best smile.
Things are fine, he had forgiven her. Now it was time to kiss and make up.

Saturday, 3:36pm…
She types as her facebook status, “I’m happy my boo and I had a great lunch.”
In seconds a comment pops up and says, “Doris, why weren’t you at Champs with Mark?”
She misunderstands, so he went without her. He didn’t even mention it at all!
Her mind is racing, “he deliberately delayed so he could go with someone else”

Saturday, 11:17pm…

He called to say goodnight but is arguing with her about the night before. It’s exhausting.
“I didn’t go to Champs. I turned around and came home after your text.” He explained.
He didn’t know what else to say to her. Her attitude was beginning to itch.
He can’t bare it anymore, he tells her the truth, he is tired and wants to sleep.

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