Thursday, September 23, 2010

He trys (3)

Sunday, 9:32am…
She is looking around. She does not catch a sight of him.
She walks to the car park when the church service is over. She sees him next to the car.
“Why are you doing this? All I want to know is what really happened that day.” She says.
She shakes her head as he explains. She just doesn’t believe him.

Sunday, 2:18pm…
He is playing a video game with his friend. He does this to clear his head.
His friend realizes the problem. He secretly invites a girl over to cheer him up.
He used to have a crush on her. He realizes she is even prettier than she used to be.
He has the chance to kiss her when they are alone. He turns away because he remembered HER.

Sunday, 7:35pm…
She finds out about the misunderstanding. She feels so bad, she can’t even call him.
She decides to go talk to him. She feels she should do this in person.
She stops by the bakery and buys him some pies. She selects his favourite.
It’s to be a surprise so she walks straight to his door without calling.

Sunday, 7:50pm…

He is surprised to see her. He can tell things are good from her infectious smile.
He listens to her apology. He is happy they patched things up because he missed that smile.
“Everything I do is to make things better for me and you”. He tells her exactly how he feels.
He sends her home. The last words and the long kiss goodnight seemed like the first time, breathless.


  1. See what some small pie fit do to one dadabee boy!I love this! I'm actually picturing the long goodnight kiss! Hehehe! Big ups dear!

  2. hahahaha the power of food. thnx