Thursday, September 1, 2016

Closure 2

Wendy, my sister was watching TV on the couch when I got home. I handed her the food and she gobbled it down like she hadn't eaten in a month. "Why did it take you so long?" She asked. I sat down by her. "I met Frank Ayarik. He even brought me home." I replied. My sister thought for a while and recognized who I was talking about. I told her about how the evening went and she asked why I didn't take the cute guy's number. I threw a pillow at her and she laughed. I noticed the more satisfied she got the sillier she became so I went to my room. My younger sister is a proper goofball. Somehow I guess that's why I asked her to live with me.

I didn't hear from Frank till about 4 days later. He texted me asking the time I would get home from work and if I wanted to have drinks. It sounded like a date and even though Frank was pretty nice I wasn't ready for that. I needed to heal from my last relationship. I texted Frank back telling him I would be too tired to have drinks after work. He seemed to understand because he said ok.

Throughout the day I felt a bit bad. Maybe I was thinking too much into it. He could have just wanted to talk like the other night. I decided to ask a coworker and close friend what he thought. "Ah Vanessa paa. Going out for drinks is normal. I ask my guy friends sef to go out for drinks." Mawuli, my coworker said. Just then his boss came out of his office. Mawuli grabbed the file he dropped on my desk. "Go and have drinks la." He whispered and walked away briskly. I giggled and went back to work.

When we closed from work that night I decided to take the office bus home. I took a seat by the window and just as I was going to plug some music into my ears Mawuli appeared from nowhere and sat beside me. "Herr Efo, don't be scaring me like that." I teased. Mawuli giggled. He asked if I had agreed to have drinks with Frank and I shook my head. He wouldn't stop bugging me about it so I sent Frank a text. I told him I closed a bit early so he should tell me where he wanted to meet and I'd meet his there. Mawuli clapped for me when he saw me send the message.

I got off the bus at my junction and walked home. I pulled out my phone from my bag to see if Frank had replied my message but he hadn't. When I got home my sister was not on the couch watching TV as usual and I remembered it was Friday night. She always had a ritual of going out with her friends on Fridays. I remembered doing the same myself some years back. Things had changed.

I dropped my bag on the center table and turned on the TV. A music video came on and I changed the channel immediately. I remembered why I hadn't sat down to watch TV in a while. My ex boyfriend, Eddie was always on and I didn't want to see his face again. Just like magic he appeared on the new channel too? I picked up the remote and turned off the TV. Just as I was getting up to leave the hall Frank called. "Vanessa what's up? I just saw your message oh. Is it too late to do the drinks?" He asked. I thought for a while and told him it was fine. We planned to meet at a bar not far away.

To be continued... 


  1. Julz, this is good. Hurry with the rest.

  2. This feels even shorter Juliet! But I maintain my original predictions. Frank is shady and possibly not straight.

  3. When does the next part come out?