Sunday, August 28, 2016

Closure 1

"Two burgers with regular size chips." I said. I took out money from my purse and paid for my fast food order. It had been a very long day at work and I couldn't wait to get home and jump into my bed. I sent a text to my sister to let her know I had bought her food. It was when I raised my head up that I saw him, Frank Ayarik. I hesitated a bit and just called him. He recognized me immediately and came to sit next to me. "Hi, how are you doing?" He asked. I smiled and we did the usual small talk. Frank was my mate back in secondary school. We used to be pretty close but went to different Universities so we drifted apart.

Frank was a bit different from how I remembered him. Obviously he looked more matured and good looking but he wasn't as bubbly and full of stories as he used to be but talking to him was still pretty interesting. I remembered back in school there was a time I heard he liked me. Funny enough I liked him then too. He was meeting someone at the restaurant but just before my order was ready they called to change the venue. "I should meet you at Creamland? Ok I will be there in 10 minutes." Frank said. I told him Creamland was just a few minutes from my house so he offered to give me a ride home and I gladly accepted. When I saw his car I was wowed. I never imagined a class clown like Frank would turn out like this.

We got to Creamland in less than 10 minutes. He told me he was just giving something to his friend and would take me home after. When I nodded he picked up his phone and called his friend. He told him where we were so he come to the car. As we waited I asked Frank if he was married or seeing someone. He laughed and said he wasn't. His laughter took so long I wondered what it really meant. "Why what's so funny?" I asked with a little giggle. Before he could say anything his friend appeared.

A tall slender guy with neatly cut hair walked to the car. He was very good looking and showed his neatly arranged white teeth when he said hi and smiled at me. Frank rolled down the window glass when he noticed him. He pulled out a brown envelope with what looked like a bundle of 1000 cedis from the glove compartment and handed it over to him. I could guess the amount because I work at the bank. When you work with money long enough you could get such skills. "Make I count am?" The cute guy said. "Sia, commot for there. I dey go." Frank replied and they both laughed. Frank put his seat belt on and I waved at the cute guy as we left.

I asked who the cute guy was but Frank smoothly changed the subject so I asked him why he laughed when I asked if he was married or seeing someone. He shrugged but I didn't back down. "No offense but I don't trust women." He said. His words hurt a little but I smiled and nodded. "Fair enough. I don't trust men either so I guess we have a lot in common." I teased. As much as it was meant to be a joke it triggered a sad memory from my past. Surprisingly Frank smiles. "Exactly! I'm glad someone agrees with me. You are so cool Vanessa." He said. I giggled. "Ah I just said I don't trust you." I said. He nodded. "You shouldn't. Same way I shouldn't trust you so everyone stays happy." He explained. We had gotten to my house at this point.

"Give me your number. I'll call you the next time I come to see my stupid friend again. Then we can talk more." Frank said. I giggled and gave him my number. We said goodnight and I got out of his car. I waved as he left and walked inside my house.

To be continued... 
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  1. This was so short Juls! ��
    Annnnd I like to predict stories so here's my take... I think Frank is gay, the cute guy is probably his boyfriend and that is why he didn't answer the "are you married/seeing anyone" question. I'm not sure why he was giving him money (maybe for their rent or bills) but I'll figure that out soon. ��

    1. 😂😂 I've decided to release 2 episodes per week so it's a bit short 🙈. With the predictions let's see how it goes on Thursday 😁😁

  2. This is really engaging. I'm off to read the rest!