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Emotionless 15 (Finale)

5:15 PM

My heart started pounding. How could he betray me like this? I almost tripped when I turned around. I walked as quietly as I could. I made sure Edem didn't hear me. So many things were running through my mind. Maybe he was talking to another military officer. My mind tried to stay positive but I wasn't sure I was willing to risk it. I tried to think of what to do. The keys to the car was on the table in the hall. I rushed into the house, grabbed the keys and dashed to the car. I could hear Edem calling my name as I neared the car. When I sparked the car he rushed out of the house. I put the car into reverse and with shaky hands drove out of the compound. Edem run after me calling my name. Then he stopped and run into the house. My heart was still racing as I drove down the lonely road.

Just when I felt a little safe I saw a car coming out of the house from the rear mirror. Edem was driving it and was speeding like crazy. He gassed through the rough road at top speed. "No, no, no." I said to myself. His car was obviously faster than mine because even though I was nearing the maximum speed he was catching up to me. In no time at all Edem was driving next to my car. I pressed the accelerator pedal to the floor but it was too late. Edem slammed the side of his car into mine and my car veered off the road. I held on to the steering wheel as hard as I could. My car drove through the bushes and finally crashed into a tree and I blacked out.

I woke up to the smell of petrol. There was blood all over my hands. When I tried to raise my head I knew the blood was from a cut I had on my forehead. I remembered everything at once and started to panic when I realised my hands had been tied to the car. I tugged and tugged but it wouldn't budge. That was when I saw Edem pouring petrol from a gallon all over the car I was in. "Edem, what are you doing?" I asked with tears in my eyes. "I'm sorry Lin. You shouldn't have tried to run away." He said without stopping. "Major Coleman may have let you go after the vise president died. You should have been patient. I'm sorry about this. I'm just following orders." He added. He put the gallon down and my heart started pounding in my chest. Was this how I was going to die? I never asked for this.

Edem brought out a lighter from his car. He dipped the tip of a long stick into the petrol and lit it up. "Dont do this Edem! Just let me go. I'll leave the country, please!" I yelled but he didn't flinch. He walked closer threw the stick on my car, rushed into his and drove off. The car lit up quicker than I imagined. I screamed for help as the car got hotter and hotter. "God please save me." I prayed still fighting to break free. Out of nowhere I heard the sound of a car. As the sound got closer I screamed louder. The smoke from the fire was choking me so much I was losing consciousness. The last thing I saw looked more like a hallucination. I saw Coleman holding a fire extinguisher calling my name as my eyes closed.

A beeping sound woke me up. I opened my eyes slowly and saw that I was in a hospital. It took me a while to remember what had happened and immediately I did I tried to get off the bed. A nurse saw me and rushed to me. "Madam don't get up. She held my hand and I noticed I was on a drip."You don't understand I have to go." I said to her. She either didn't hear me or didn't take me seriously because she kept forcing me to lie down. I saw another nurse walking briskly to me. She stood close to my bed and nodded to the other nurse who nodded back and left.

"Please I feel fine, can I leave now?" I asked the second nurse. She looked around, sort of making sure no one was near us. "I'll get you out of here. Are you sure you are OK?" she asked. I stared at her. She pulled out a phone from her pocket and made a call. Just after she said hello she handed the phone over to me. I cautiously took the phone. It was Coleman. "Lin, my goodness I'm so glad you are OK. Honestly I am embarrassed right now. I owe you the biggest apology for what my dad did. When you stopped answering my calls I should have known he was up to something." He said. There were so many things I wanted to say to him." Are you the one who saved my life?" I finally asked. "Yes. Alison showed me the pictures my father used to threaten her against the divorce. I went to all his houses to look for you. I'm so sorry. He's a very terrible man." Coleman said. Tears formed in my eyes. "He's the devil." I said. After a brief silence Coleman apologised some more and told me he had arranged with the nurse to get me on a bus to Togo. He suggested I stay there for at least 3 months before I came back to Ghana.

The nurse gave me cash, an ATM card, some fresh clothes and sent me off in a taxi to the bus terminal. As I headed towards a new country where I knew no one I realised all this directly or indirectly was a consequence of my actions but from then on things definitely had to change.

The end

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