a crush

Emotionless 11

4:13 PM

When I got downstairs the next day to have breakfast I saw General Coleman and my heart missed a beat. "Hello Sunshine, I hear you are excellent in the assignment I gave you. I'm happy. I got something for you." He said. He pointed to a box and Abena opened it. A little poodle popped its head out of the box. It was adorable. I had always wanted one but the apartment I used to live in did not allow pets. I knelt down and the adorable dog run into my arms. "Thank you." I said and General Coleman smiled. "You need to take her on walks. She may need one tonight as she's been in this box for so long. Let's take today off." I nodded and Arial to my room. That was her new name.

I put on my usual gym clothes but this time just to take Arial for a walk. Alison and I were on calling terms now. I called her and told her I couldn't make it to the gym because I didn't have anyone around to walk my dog. I thought it was a silly excuse but she totally bought it. Arial seemed much more excited than I was. "Calm down." I said as we run down the stairs. When we got outside I looked around and off we went. As the little thing trotted excitedly beside me I felt happy. Like how I felt when I was with Edem. I wanted to call him but just didn't know what to say. He always saw right through my lies. We were about to cross the road when I heard my name. I turned around and there he was! Coleman, standing next to his car. As he walked to me I could feel the fury in him.

"Where have you been?! I've been calling and texting you forever. What did I do wrong? Is it because of the coke? Lin I've missed you." He said and tried to kiss me. "Coleman, stop. We are outside. " I said, moving back and looking around. He looked pretty unstable. I picked up Arial just in case I had to run. "I'm sorry my mum got really sick so I had to leave." I lied. "Oh come on. Why didn't you tell me? You moved out of your apartment. The apartment I got for you. Why wouldn't you tell me?" He asked.

I told Coleman I didn't want to complicate his life. He was better off without me. He didn't agree at all. "There's a guest house not far from here. Let's go and talk." He said. "I'm all sweaty and stuff. Can we do this another time?" I said. Coleman wouldn't have any of it. He grabbed my hand and tried to pull me closer. He was rarely this reckless in public. I shrieked and looked at dog, and told Coleman it was urinating. He let me go and I told him I had to let it urinate for a while. I put Arial down walked to a bush and quickly texted Abena. She replied almost instantly and told me to be calm. In a matter of seconds Coleman had a call and had to leave. He begged me to call him back and drove off.

Abena met me at the gate when I got back. "Did you tell him anything?" She asked. I shook my head and walked in. My heart was racing and I needed to take a shower and cool off. Arial walked by me as I entered my room. After I took my shower I felt better. I decided to call Edem. When he answered the phone I wasn't sure what to say. "Hey" was all I could let out. He went on and on asking where I was, why I had been avoiding him and everything in between. When he noticed I wasn't answering he paused. "Lin are you ok?" Edem asked. A tear dropped from my eyes.

I wanted to tell him everything. Then Arial walked up to me and laid down on my lap. I smiled that very moment. It was like she was telling me I wasn't alone. "I'm fine. Had to visit my mother. She was not feeling too well but she's getting better." I quickly said. Edem sympathised with me. He wanted to know if I needed company but I lied and said I would be back soon. He bought it. I guess he read the emotions and realised I was really sad.

To be continued... 

a crush

Emotionless 10

4:36 PM

"Don't approach her. Stay on your exercise bike." Abena said. Her voice startled me. Even know I knew she was watching and talking to me through an earpiece it took some time to get used to it. She said she would help me so I followed her instructions. I kept on using my bicycle and my phone rang. I froze for a second wondering if it was Edem. I had been ignoring his calls. Coleman had been calling me too but I was just too angry to talk to him, and the threats his father gave me were loud and clear.

"Answer the phone and just repeat my words like it's a normal call. Try and sound natural." Abena said again. I got off the bike and walked to my phone from my bag which was close to Alison. "Hello. Yes I'm fine. Uh huh, the High Rise party, yes. So you got us the VIP invitations right? Oh beautiful. We are 4 so can you book a limo for us? Yea,  ok bye." I recited as Abena read out the words to me. I put the phone down and walked back to the bicycle.

I honestly didn't know why I had to do that. I read in her file that Alison liked attending big luxurious parties and shopping but she had her earpiece on so I thought it was totally pointless. Before I got to the bike Alison called me. "Hi, I'm Ali. You are new here right?" She said. I smiled and said I wasn't and that I just changed from morning workouts to evening. Alison nodded. "I heard you talk about the High Rise party. Are you going this year?"  She asked. I smiled and that is how our long chat begun. We talked about boat trips, shopping and parties. It was pretty enjoyable but every now and then Abena spoke to me and asked me to include a line or two.

After working out with Alison we walked to the parking lot. I pulled out the keys to the Mercedes that I came with and drove off after our goodbyes. When I got to the house Abena was there to welcome me with a big smile. "You did very well. I see why General Coleman chose you." She said. I smiled and nodded. "How did you know Alison would hear me? She had earphones on and was listening to music." I asked. Abena looked at me took a deep breath and replied. "She wasn't listening to music. She pretends all the time so she can ignore people." I nodded and walked into the dining room with Abena. Her reply worried me a little. How long had they been spying on her and what was the outcome? We had dinner brought to us from the in-house cook. I tried to get as much information from Abena as possible but whenever I got deep she just ignored me.

The next day I went to the gym and run the same act. This time when Alison entered the gym she walked straight to me. We chat for a while and she showed me pictures of herself at several luxury events around the world as well as big time movie events and celebrity parties. I pretended to be excited. Abena made me tell her I was actually at some of those parties.

Abena's information was always on point. "Ah yes the party at that beach house. What a coincidence I was there with my sister and her boyfriend. I remember the waiters were wearing roller skates. It was really fun." I lied. "Yes! That party was one of my all time favourites." Alison said throwing her arms in the air. She was definitely a party animal and the kind who would spend any amount for a good thrill.

Slowly, as we met everyday at the gym I begun to see why she and Coleman fought all the time. They were completely different people. Coleman didn't like going out at all. He actually dreaded social events. The only things they both had in common was their love for spending money which eventually was a recipe for disaster and their love for their two children. Every day I was asked to write a report. I put my observations down and handed them over to Abena before I went to bed. After a whole week of ignoring Edem's calls and messages he finally stopped sending them. That night I cried myself to sleep and woke up the next morning to start a new day.

When I got downstairs the next day to have breakfast I saw General Coleman and my heart missed a beat.

To be continued... 

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