Monday, May 30, 2016

Zaky 11

I opened my eyes slowly. I had a splitting headache. It took me about a minute to figure out where I was. I was in in some kind of truck and it was moving. Those types they use for deliveries. I tried to sit up but unfortunately I was all tied up. We passed under a street light and I noticed I wasn’t alone in the back of the truck. Zaky was there dressed in a black pair of jeans and a hoody. He had a gun on a strap around his waist.  My heart started racing. I wanted to beg him to let me go but my mouth was taped. When he noticed I was awake he moved closer to me and whispered into my ears. “I’m so sorry, this wasn’t supposed to happen. It will all be over soon.” There were a million questions I wanted to ask him but I couldn’t.  Just then the car came to a stop and my heart started pounding. A man in a hoodie and black shades and a gun opened the door to the truck and Zaky grabbed me to get out.

“I know you probably hate me right now but please trust me.”Zaky said as he dragged me. It was when I saw where we were that I knew for sure what was going on. It was a robbery. Zaky and I were behind two other men. As they skillfully entered our work building so many scenarios played out in my head. If they were successful they would probably kill me so that their secret will be safe. If they got caught I would probably go to jail for aiding and abetting or for all you know I would be considered as one of them. I was wearing a black dress after all and I foolishly gave Zaky the blueprints. In all the scenarios I was definitely fired.
When we were safely inside the building Zaky dragged me to the emergency exit at the back of the building. It was a very smart move. That door had not been used in so long no one would even notice them slip out from there. I was impressed by their skill and intelligence. “How long will she take to open the door?” One of the men asked.  Zaky looked at me and said 2 minutes. The man nodded and rushed off. I was a bit confused by what he said. When he was out of sight Zaky rushed to me. “I know you have a lot of questions. I can’t answer them but I will get you out of this if you only comply. I’m so sorry.” He whispered.  For some reason I believed him. Maybe I had to because it was my only choice so I took it. I nodded and he told me his plan.

When the other man came back with sacks of money the emergency exit was already open. Zaky was standing over me with his gun pointed out. I was on the floor like I had been shot. I tried to be as still as possible and it was dark enough to fool anyone. “Good, I see you have covered up the second loose end.” The man in the shades said walking towards Zaky. “What’s the first and second?” Zaky asked.  The man pointed his gun at Zaky. “I’ve sorted out Sena so the third is you. Your face is a little too out there. No hard feelings chale.” He said. I don’t know what came over me but I grabbed his leg and pulled it. He shouted as he tried to catch his balance and pointed the gun at me. It was then that I realized how bad my impulsive action was. I closed my eyes and heard a silent gun shot. The man fell and I turned to Zaky. He had shot the man in time. Zaky rushed to grab the sacks of money so eagerly that he didn’t notice me pick up the other man’s gun. “Drop the money, Zaky or whatever your name is.” I said pointing the gun at him. He looked at me in shock. “This is really messed up. How could you use me like that?” I said with tears in my eyes. I could hear the security men from the main entrance. I shot his leg once and missed. I shot again and got him in the foot. Then I dropped the gun and run out. I run as fast as I could and grabbed the very first cab I saw and went straight home!

The next day I knew I had to show up at work to avoid every form of suspicion. Everyone would think I had something to do with it when Zaky got arrested. The police would probably have a lot of questions for me. Just as I expected the building was chaotic. “There’s no work today oh. Guess what happened?” Dede asked walking up to me. “I have no idea.” I lied looking around. “Some armed robbers raided the building!” Dede replied. I looked at her in my best surprised look. “You know the coolest thing? The security men shot and killed all of them. ” Dede added pointing to our boss was shaking the hand of a smiling security man. What?! I wanted to scream and tell her that was so not what happened then I remembered Zaky and my heart fell. I killed him. Maybe not directly but I made the security men kill him. I started tearing up a little and my heart started pounding.

“Everybody look at these men. They bravely saved our establishment from thieves! They won a gun battle and killed the two armed robber who came here yesterday…”Our boss started his speech but I was stuck on one of his words. TWO? Was it possible? Just then my phone vibrated. I picked it up to check the message. I couldn’t believe it, it was from Zaky. My hands trembled. “I was a jerk. I’m sorry. I deserved what you did to me. Just so you know I dropped everything and left. Maybe someday I will explain everything to you.” The message said. I looked around to see if he was anywhere around but I knew he was too smart to show up so I just smiled. He had a bleeding foot to take care of J

The End


  1. Julz and her usual twists. I wasn't expecting anything less. Well done. I'm off to read your other stories

  2. Dude just too fine to be real haha