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1:57 AM

So I was thinking about trying something new on my blog ok? Then it hit me! Why don't I put up a picture that tells a story? I mean they say a picture is worth a thousand words right? Hmmm so I'm going to do just that and see if everybody gets the same words. lol.

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  1. O b3 u! what u want tell da guy?

  2. Guy: Danggit!!! Valentine's day is here already? I die finish.

    Gal: Dancing & singing "It's the best day everrrr!" The men are about to start knocking on my door with presents.

  3. hahaha i like the way u think ;)

  4. Guy: Ohhhh snap, I don't got no money, and the competition for her heart has become tougher; Ohhhh double snapp, its vals tomorrow and I gotta make a bet on it, or lose it! Ohhh snap, I just got a heartbreak!

    Girl: Calls by the dozen, I drop em; If they ain't sending flowers and chocolate, I drop em; If they ain't made no reservations, I drop em; If Cupid shot em and they got no money, I drop em! After all me and this Cupid got a deal to play on men's cupidity; and since I have not yet lost my virginity heyy to the highest bidder, I drop em!

  5. Akosua Serwaa: OMG its almost Valentine`s Day,Greg is gonna buy me that LOvely necklace.

    Greg: Chale what this ?? yesterday was Christmas,before i close my eyes and open its valentine`s day..nobody too dey owe me wey i go go make am wild..
    Unique trust kwraaa what be dema number?? i need Loan..LMAO

  6. hahahaha oh has it gone that far?

  7. hmm if only you know the Akosua Serwaa we are dealing with lol


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