Friday, June 10, 2011

June force

We are already 10 days into the month eh? Oh well, better late than never! So as I did for ermmm that other month, I'm creating a theme for this month. I honestly love challenges and want to try something a little out of my way so this month, the theme for my stories would be sci-fi. Yup you read me, science fiction. I haven't written much on those so my dear reader prepare to be bedazzled!!! (not like the game tho, lol) They are gonna be like the normal stories I write; one off or in series. I hope you like them oh and don't forget to leave a comment when you read my's nice, I like that :)


  1. finally!! aliens. plasma guns. warp space. inter-galactic love.
    baby I'm so psyched right now!!! lmao!!!

  2. hahhahaha eish i can only imagine how psyched u are!

  3. Chalie U people go make i bore oh..Why do i always have to be 2nd runner up when it comes to commenting..okay no p..BAck to Stalker mode. i want to comment 1st!! :P