Monday, October 18, 2010

My dear ex boyfriend

We broke up, we are no longer together
I don't hate you, I'm more indifferent than ever
I don't mind if I see you tomorrow or even never
Because I enjoyed us while it lasted, and that's my forever

I don't keep pictures of you, that's a drag
But whenever I see you, trust me u'll get a hug
Our memories are solid, stuck in my head like a bug
They come back to me when I'm sad, just like a happy drug

We may not have had the best of relationships
We probably had just too many flaws and slips
But the good times were far more than the hardships
So my dear ex boyfriend, I'm glad I met you, coz in my movie of life u gave me happy clips


  1. luvin this poem, reli. U write sake of that boy? lol, cos the las tym i checked, we're still together!