Emotionless 13

5:34 PM

"Look, do you want to finish this and go back to your normal life right? Well this could be your ticket." She replied. My heart was pounding. She was right, I wanted to be done with Major Coleman but killing the vice president's daughter wasn't something I was ready for. That wasn't the deal! I stood there in the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror and wondered what I had gotten myself into. Just then my phone vibrated. It was a text from Edem. "Hey, night owl. I miss you small. How's your mum doing?" The message said. I smiled. Did he just say he misses me? The feeling was very mutual. To be able to see him again I had to do the tasks so with a deep breath I walked back into the room, said what Abena told me to say and pulled out the tablet from my bag. Alison swallowed it and I stared at her as her eyes closed.

"Tap her cheek to make sure she's asleep." Abena said. I breathed a sigh of relief. I did as she said and noticed she was fast asleep. Abena wasn't done with me. She followed up with instructions to lean in and kiss Alison. I didn't care much what was going on at this point. I did it immediately without thinking in all the ways she asked me to. Finally it was ok to leave. I dashed as quickly as I could out of the house and the limo driver drove me away with the security men all over the house clueless about what transpired.

"What is going on? Why did I have to do all of that?!" I shot at Abena when I got back to the house. She continued reading her book. "I don't know what you think you are trying to do but this is just stupid." I shouted. Abena turned to look at me. She warned me never to raise my voice at her again. "You have no business in this plan. You do what we tell you to do. If you turn around and leave me in peace Major Coleman will not hear about your arrogance tomorrow." She said coldly. I went to my room slamming the door behind me. I wanted to explode. Arial run to me and I picked her up. Stroking her calmed me down. She was the only part of the house that didn't drive me insane. So many scenarios was swimming through my head. When I saw Edem calling I smiled. I answered the call and we spoke for a while.

The next morning when I woke up I heard Major Coleman's voice downstairs. I had questions but I wasn't sure if asking him was a good idea so I stayed in my room with Arial. Edem asked if I wanted to have lunch he said he would come over to my mother's place to visit me if that was what it would take. He was so sweet. In no time at all I heard footsteps. Nearing the door then a knock. I went to the door and saw Major Coleman standing outside with a smile on his face. He walked right into the room. "I hear you did a good job yesterday actually I think we can trust you now. So here you go and feel free to go out and pamper yourself. The whole weekend is yours." He said and gave me and envelope with a lot of cash and walked away. I wanted to ask him why he was doing all this but I couldn't. This was a sign that it was going to be over soon and I sure didn't want to jinx it.

That night Edem and I met at a very nice restaurant in town. He was wearing a navy blue long sleeve shirt and black trousers. I guessed he was from work. He looked as good as always and when he saw me goes face lit up with the most amazing smile I had ever seen. We talked and ate and talked some more. I kept up my lie about my mother being sick. I told him she was getting better and he seemed glad to hear it. "You seem a bit distracted." He said. I caught myself far in thought and smiled. "I'm fine." I lied. He went on to tell me that he broke up with his girlfriend. He didn't go into detail. In fact he just mentioned it and changed the topic. I smiled in my heard. After dinner as we walked to the parking lot Edem held my hand. "Lin it seems you have been really worried the past couple of weeks. You know you can talk to me right?" He said. I felt so loved when he said those words. Then before I could say a word he leaned in and kissed me.

To be continued... 

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  1. Twists,turns.. More twists.. interesting though.

  2. This should lyk totally be a book or show or something lyk dat. It's dope


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