Emotionless 12

4:56 PM

After my call I heard a knocked at my door. It was Abena. She came into my room and played with Arial for a minute then she sat next to me. "I know this is hard for you. I've spoken to General Coleman, we will begin our operation this week. In about 3 weeks you will be done and out of here." She said and smiled. I nodded. I couldn't wait to get out of whatever this was! This was one of the times I really missed having a normal life.

I dressed that Saturday night for a big celebrity party I was attending with Alison. Alison believed I was also married to a rich boring husband. When we met up I pulled over in a limo and asked her to join me. She was impressed. "I've never thought of going to an event in a limo before. This is pretty nice." Alison said. I smiled and handed her a glass of champagne. "My husband says it sets the mood. He suggested it to me." I recited from the earpiece in my ear. Alison was so surprised she asked if my husband did a lot of partying. I said no, he just paid for it. She was even more surprised but said nothing.

When we got to the party the chauffeur opened the door for us and we walked into the place like queens. I liked the attention, it was quite fun and I could tell Alison was having a blast. I laughed at her jokes, told her really extravagant stories and listened to hers too. We danced together and did shots.

I could tell Abena worked very hard at making my identity real. That night three random people approached me and pretended to know me. I played along nicely. I knew Abena had a mission and the sooner I reached it the sooner I could leave.

"How is your husband cool with this?" Alison whispered in my ear over the loud party music. I smiled. "I make sure the sex is good." I said. As I spoke to Alison through Abena I put the pieces together. It wasn't totally clear yet. Was a lack of the sex the reason Coleman and Alison were having issues? She didn't particularly like my answer. She just took another sip of her cocktail. Coleman was very boring in bed. I wondered if that left his wildcard wife unsatisfied. "My husband is boring in bed but so far as he has enough sex I can do wherever I want without issues." I added. She found that more interesting and smiled.

Alison was tipsy when the limo got to her house. She said Coleman had taken the kids to his parents place for the weekend. I was very glad to hear that. I helped her into her house with my arm around her shoulder. Her house was huge and beautiful. The decor was fabulous even though there were toys all around. I saw family pictures on the walls. Their children were adorable. "Will you be able to make it upstairs?" I asked, helping her to take off her 6 inch heels. "Oh yea what are rails for?" She said and we both laughed.

When Alison attempted to climb the stairs she hovered her leg over the first step and I knew she needed help. I walked to her and helped her up the stairs. I guessed their room was the one with the open door. I took her inside and sat her on the bed. She laid down immediately and closed her eyes.

Just when I was turning around to leave Abena said in my earpiece, "don't leave the room. Walk to the big window and open the curtains." I was confused. I didn't think much of it as I did what she said. Then the series of strange instructions begun. "Put your bag down and let Alison lie properly on the bed with her head in the pillow." I turned around and looked through the window. I knew she was watching.

Abena then told me to tell Alison to take an asprin for morning hangover relief. She said a white pill was in my bag and I should let her swallow it. "Why?" I whispered but Alison heard me. "Why what?" She asked still with her eyes closed. "Err why did you drink so much. Can I use your bathroom?" I said quickly. She pointed to the bathroom and I rushed there and closed the door. "What pill is this? What's going on Abena?" I asked. I was very nervous now. Was this supposed to be some kind of assassination?!

To be continued... 

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