Emotionless 11

4:13 PM

When I got downstairs the next day to have breakfast I saw General Coleman and my heart missed a beat. "Hello Sunshine, I hear you are excellent in the assignment I gave you. I'm happy. I got something for you." He said. He pointed to a box and Abena opened it. A little poodle popped its head out of the box. It was adorable. I had always wanted one but the apartment I used to live in did not allow pets. I knelt down and the adorable dog run into my arms. "Thank you." I said and General Coleman smiled. "You need to take her on walks. She may need one tonight as she's been in this box for so long. Let's take today off." I nodded and Arial to my room. That was her new name.

I put on my usual gym clothes but this time just to take Arial for a walk. Alison and I were on calling terms now. I called her and told her I couldn't make it to the gym because I didn't have anyone around to walk my dog. I thought it was a silly excuse but she totally bought it. Arial seemed much more excited than I was. "Calm down." I said as we run down the stairs. When we got outside I looked around and off we went. As the little thing trotted excitedly beside me I felt happy. Like how I felt when I was with Edem. I wanted to call him but just didn't know what to say. He always saw right through my lies. We were about to cross the road when I heard my name. I turned around and there he was! Coleman, standing next to his car. As he walked to me I could feel the fury in him.

"Where have you been?! I've been calling and texting you forever. What did I do wrong? Is it because of the coke? Lin I've missed you." He said and tried to kiss me. "Coleman, stop. We are outside. " I said, moving back and looking around. He looked pretty unstable. I picked up Arial just in case I had to run. "I'm sorry my mum got really sick so I had to leave." I lied. "Oh come on. Why didn't you tell me? You moved out of your apartment. The apartment I got for you. Why wouldn't you tell me?" He asked.

I told Coleman I didn't want to complicate his life. He was better off without me. He didn't agree at all. "There's a guest house not far from here. Let's go and talk." He said. "I'm all sweaty and stuff. Can we do this another time?" I said. Coleman wouldn't have any of it. He grabbed my hand and tried to pull me closer. He was rarely this reckless in public. I shrieked and looked at dog, and told Coleman it was urinating. He let me go and I told him I had to let it urinate for a while. I put Arial down walked to a bush and quickly texted Abena. She replied almost instantly and told me to be calm. In a matter of seconds Coleman had a call and had to leave. He begged me to call him back and drove off.

Abena met me at the gate when I got back. "Did you tell him anything?" She asked. I shook my head and walked in. My heart was racing and I needed to take a shower and cool off. Arial walked by me as I entered my room. After I took my shower I felt better. I decided to call Edem. When he answered the phone I wasn't sure what to say. "Hey" was all I could let out. He went on and on asking where I was, why I had been avoiding him and everything in between. When he noticed I wasn't answering he paused. "Lin are you ok?" Edem asked. A tear dropped from my eyes.

I wanted to tell him everything. Then Arial walked up to me and laid down on my lap. I smiled that very moment. It was like she was telling me I wasn't alone. "I'm fine. Had to visit my mother. She was not feeling too well but she's getting better." I quickly said. Edem sympathised with me. He wanted to know if I needed company but I lied and said I would be back soon. He bought it. I guess he read the emotions and realised I was really sad.

To be continued... 

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