Emotionless 5

3:30 PM

That night when Coleman asked me to meet him at the spa I knew he and his wife had issues again. I really wanted to refuse but that was not a good idea. "Never skip meetings twice in a row with your man." That was one of Samira's rules. I had given a funny excuse for not meeting him the week before. It wasn't a good idea to do it again. So I took a shower and left. The Spa was owned by Coleman's school friend so we always had a private room to ourselves whenever we went there.

When I got to the spa before I even put my bag down he grabbed me and kissed me. I could tell he was very angry from the way he did it. I played along and when he pulled out my button in a haste to take off my blouse I held him back and asked him what was wrong. That was one of my favourite blouses he just ruined. "I'm sorry I'm just not myself. You are also looking very beautiful today. Where were you when I was single? I should have married you." Coleman said stroking my hair. That was when I smelt it. The smell of cocaine on his fingers. "My goodness did you just do coke?!" I exclaimed. He looked down. I could tell he wasn't proud of himself.

Coleman occasionally smoked weed when he was really upset but I never imagined him moving on to coke. This was something I honestly wasn't prepared for. My abusive father was a coke addict and all of a sudden the anger I felt for him consumed me. I grabbed my bag and turned to Coleman. "What is wrong with you? Put yourself together!" I shot out. He also got up. "Are you judging me? You, who is sleeping with a marriage man? Maybe I should put myself together and get rid of you too!" Coleman yelled moving closer to me. My heart was pounding so hard I could hear it clearly in my ears. My childhood days when my father used to beat me flashed before my eyes. I moved back until I felt the door knob and rushed out.

My hands were shaking so much when I got to my car that I had to calm down before I could drive back home. I noticed my phone ringing and saw that it was Coleman but I didn't answer. When I got to my apartment I rushed into my room and fell on my bed. The memories of my abusive father started playing in my head.

I tried to think about something positive and then I heard a knock on my door. I wanted to shout, go away but what good would that do? Then the knock got louder. I wondered why someone was banging on my door at 10pm. I covered my ears with my pillow but that didn't stop the noise. "Lin, open the door!" The person yelled. It was Coleman. I got up and walked into the door. I opened it and saw Coleman outside.

To be continued... 

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