Emotionless 4

6:07 AM

After work I went straight to Edem's apartment. I don't know why but I really wanted to see him. He invited me in and we watched TV together, chatting about our day. He took me to the kitchen and asked me to help him prepare dinner. I couldn't refuse. I took off my 8 inch heels and wore a pair of slippers he gave me.

Edem's kitchen was well stacked and he knew exactly what he was doing. He handed me couple of vegetables to cut after I washed my hands. He made fun of me as I took my time to cut them. I was a bad cook but I wanted to impress him for no reason at all. I laughed as he teased me and made fun of him too. I had never had this much fun in a kitchen before.

When the food was ready I felt like I had earned every bite I took. It was such an excellent meal. When Edem gave me a little bowl of left over chicken sauce I grabbed it immediately. "For your hard work." He said and we both giggled. As he spoke I stared at him. He hadn't made advances at me at all. Was he gay? Did he have a girlfriend? Was he just not interested in me? I couldn't make any sense of it. Maybe he was waiting for me to make the first move. Then I snapped back into reality when I heard Edem ask a question. "Oh me, I work in the marketing department of a real estate company." I replied. I could tell he really wanted to get to know me.

"What's your girlfriend like?" I asked. He almost choked on his drink in surprise. I laughed and he joined in too. When the laughter was over I told him I was waiting for his answer. He shrugged and said she was a cool person. He avoided eye contact as he spoke and immediately changed the subject. I wanted to pry but he looked so uncomfortable so I decided to let it go.

The next morning I decided to stay at home. I called the secretary at work and told her I won't be at work that day. The advantages of being a 'sweetheart' of the boss. I was just about to go for a swim when I heard a knock at the door. It was my friend Samira. I let her in and she walked right into my kitchen. "I need a cold drink. It's blazing out there." She said as she opened the fridge and looked inside. I told her I was just going for a swim but she said she had important matters to discuss.

"The agency fee has increased. Looking at you I'm sure that won't even be an issue." Samira said with a wink. I could have argued with her, I wanted to but there was no point. Samira's agency introduced me to 'benefiting from older men' when I was much younger. She groomed me and taught me how to appeal to men. She made it a point to collect money from everyone who had ever been under her wing. It was called membership dues. Even though I thought it was stupid,  200 cedis a month wasn't an amount I couldn't afford.

I picked up my purse and gave her the money. "So Samira what if I become normal, like get married and..." I started. Samira laughed and cut in "Ah Linda, but I'm married. Who is stopping you from getting married?" I shook my head. Samira was married to a 59 year old Governor in Nigeria. "I mean marrying someone I love." I explained. She just rolled her eyes and stood up to leave. "Love is for poor people. If you can find a rich man you love why not? Love won't buy those 200 dollar slippers you are wearing though." She said pointing to the designer fluffy slippers I was wearing. I remembered my last boyfriend bought them for me when we went on a trip to Paris. We both giggled and she picked up her bag to leave.

Samira played a very strange role in my life. She was a cross between a sister, a boss and in a strange way a guardian. We met when I was in secondary school. Just like me her parents had problems. In fact she never knew who her father was because her mother was a prostitute. We got close because of this void we had,  where our parental love was supposed to be. She was very 'friendly' with the male teachers and continued from there. "When I grow up I will live in a big house. I will have a lot of money no matter what." She used to say. I looked at her and wondered if she felt empty inside like I did sometimes. "Godfred is waiting for me." She said. I looked out the window and saw her E-Class parked outside. "So? Will I stop paying the dues if I marry some regular guy?" I asked when she was at the door. Samira stopped and turned around. "I will gladly accept a lump sum. 40,000 Cedis sounds like a nice parting gift, don't you think so?" She said and walked out.

To be continued... 

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  1. Change has come.. taxes are being abolished.. free the chick already. :)


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