Emotionless 3

4:42 PM

Coleman took a shower which calmed him down and in a matter of minutes he had fallen asleep. When I saw he was asleep I took my chance and went to Edem's place. "Lynn, I didn't think you would come." He said when he opened the door for me. I walked in and went straight to the dining room. Edem's apartments was a bit smaller than mine but the decor looked very modern with mirrors and beautiful chandelier. I could smell the food, it smelled really good. "Wow, did you cook this yourself?" I asked when he dished out the food for me. Edem smiled and nodded. "My dad is a chef in Spain. I used to watch him when he cooked when I was younger." He explained.

The food tasted even better than it looked. My crush on him was definitely very big now. How many good looking young men could cook so well? "So how did the party go last night? I saw your boyfriend pick you up yesterday when I was at the pool." Edem said as we had dinner. I almost choked. "Boyfriend? No, that's my... cousin." I lied. Then a few things instantly made sense to me. Edem was not hitting on me because he thought or would I say knew I was seeing Coleman. No wonder he always played the friend card.

Now that I had cleared the air I was expecting him to make a move at me. Funny enough he didn't. He was just his usual self, always wanting to hear me talk more, making me laugh and being an awesome person. For a split second I considered being normal with him. Falling for him, going out with him and eventually getting married and have kids like everyone does. Then I shook my head and stood up to leave. Normal wasn't for me. "I really need to get some sleep, see you tomorrow." I said and Edem nodded with a grin.

When I got back to my place I walked into my room and saw Coleman snoring in my bed. Being a side chicken wasn't fun but it paid the bills with lots of change. I took a hot shower and joined Coleman in bed. I noticed his phone was beeping like crazy with messages. I walked over and read the most recent message. It was from his wife and read, "I'm sorry about what I said to you. I was just angry. Please come home." I looked at Coleman as he slept and put the phone back down. Marriage seemed so complicated.

The next day it seemed Coleman and his wife had patched up their issues because when I got to work he sent me a text saying he wouldn't come over that night. I smiled in relief. "I have two tickets for the comedy show this weekend. Will you go with me?" Kennedy, my workmate asked. I looked at him and rolled my eyes. "Ken, I told you I'm seeing someone." I said. He nodded and explained that he just wanted to hang out. "Are they VIP tickets?" I asked.

Ken looked at the tickets again and said no. "Then forget it I'm not going." I concluded and walked away. Surely he should have known that I only do VIP tickets for any event. Someway somehow even though Edem didn't hit on me the previous night I kept thinking about him at work.

To be continued... 

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  1. Things got patched up. Just like that... Back to being Side chick or main chick if she wants to.


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