Emotionless 2

3:35 PM

When Coleman left my apartment I took a bath and went out shopping. The perks of being with Coleman was the amount of money he gave me. People always wondered how I could afford expensive bags and shoes with my marketing executive job. Obviously they didn't know about Coleman. I kept the little things we did between me and him. When I got back to my apartment I saw Edem downstairs at the pool. There was something very interesting about him. I rushed inside, put on a very hot bikini I bought from the mall, threw on a kimono and rushed to the pool. Yes that's how fancy my apartment is.

When I got to the pool I jumped right in. "Hey, what's up? I saw you leave earlier." Edem said when he saw me. I swam to him. "Really? We're you stalking me?" I teased and he giggled. He wasn't like most guys I knew. "I went to get a few things from the mall." I said. We chat and swam for a while and decided to leave.

Edem said he was hungry. He invited me over to dinner. I smiled and accepted. I was honestly going to waltz into his apartment in my bikini and transparent kimono when he said, I should change and come by when I was done. I nodded and we left the pool. He's such a decent guy.

When I got to my apartment I thought about what to wear. Clearly something short and semi see through would do the trick. My wardrobe was filled with clothes I had never worn. Maybe today would be their lucky day. I took out my phone to text Edem to let him know I was coming over soon when I noticed Coleman had sent me a countless number of messages. He was going on and on about his wife. Apparently they had had a big fight and he was coming over. I checked the time of the message. It was sent over an hour ago. I cursed in frustration when I heard the doorbell. I was very pissed off to have to cancel dinner with Edem.

I opened the door and Coleman rushed in. He was holding a duffle bag. "I can't stand that terrible woman anymore." He said heading straight for my bedroom. I run after him asking what was wrong. "She doesn't want me to stay out after work anymore. Am I a child? She has been calling my secretary to ask the time I leave the office oh. That woman thinks because her family invested in my business she can treat me anyhow she likes eh? Stupid!" He nagged. I assured him that everything would be ok. It was when he removed his pyjamas from the duffle bag that I realized he had decided to stay. I wanted to explode!

To be continued... 

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  1. Coleman needs to chill,move in just like that?

    1. Chill for the where? ��we make serious u sey what... She's lucky it's jst a duffle bag��


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