Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crash 6

“Fiona I really missed you.” He said as we kissed. Then I pushed him. “Mawuli, my goodness what are we doing? You are right we should stop.” I said and turned around. I had to turn around, Mawuli was really cute. One more glance and we are gone! He hugged me from behind and gosh he felt so warm. “Hey, you have a wife and son. You have a happy family. I should go.” I said and picked up my bag. Mawuli smiled and sat down. His mood had changed. “I’m sorry if I complicated things for you.” I said, still looking away. “No Fiona, it’s not you. I guess I have not told you the whole truth. I sat down beside him. “What are you talking about?” I asked. “My wife and son, are a bit complicated.” He added. What was this guy talking about kwraa?

I told Mawuli to talk to me. He had turned moody all of a sudden. “Having you around has really livened me. My wife wants a divorce. I thought bringing them to Ghana would change her mind but she even hated it here. She sent me the divorce papers last week. I’m just a mess.” He explained. “Why would she want to do that? You should stay together for your son at least.” I said. He looked even worse after my words. “He is not my son. She had him for a year when we met. His father was jailed. She says she wants them to start a proper family.” He replied. “So she prefers an ex-con to you? She is clearly making a big mistake.” I said aggressively. Mawuli tried to smile. I’ve been thinking about what to do and worrying but tonight has been different. “Thanks Fiona. I shouldn’t have kissed you, I’m sorry.” He finally said. I smiled. If this was a trick to get some action is wasn’t bad at all. I was so tempted. I put my hand on his shoulder and he hugged me. “Everything will be ok.” I said to him. 

I felt bad for Mawuli. I was going through some yawa problems but his were massive. He wanted his wife back after all she said and the boy wasn’t even his son! And in all this passion I saw in his eyes, he kissed me. Hmmm this was beginning to look weird. I had to test this. “So if she came back and said she loved you, what would you do?” I asked. All of a sudden his face lit up. “I will give it a shot. I will be such a good husband and father, she wouldn’t remember the other man.” He said and I laughed. This was so cool, how he felt about her. It kind of made me wonder. Mawuli was a bit more cheerful now. “Enough about me, I will just pray she comes back. Shall we?” He said getting up. He grabbed the car keys and marched to the door. I hopped like a rabbit and followed him. Then the doorbell rang. We both looked at the time. It was after 2am. Mawuli held me back and looked through the peek hole. He turned to look at me and opened the door for the person to come in. It was Steve. 

“My goodness, Steve, what are you doing here?” I asked, almost dropping my bag. He looked at Mawuli and noticed he was holding his car keys. “Were you leaving?” He asked. Mawuli nodded. “I’m sorry for coming to your apartment this late but I had to tell Fiona something. Fi, I was stupid. I will tell you everything, anything. The girl you saw was my close friend back in University. I used to tell her everything because she is a lesbian and really understood me. We were almost best friends. She has never kissed a guy before and that night she wanted to try it. I know I shouldn’t have but I was foolish and I did. Please forgive me. I don’t want to lose you.” He said looking directly at me. I was filled with so much emotion. This was a lot of information. Now both guys were looking at me. “What do you want me to say?” I asked, almost in tears. “Nothing, you don’t have to say anything. I just want us to stay together and please don’t do anything like I did because I feel really bad.” Steve added. My head was pounding, my fists were clenched but my heart was warm. I closed my eyes and opened them. “If you want me back it’s gonna cost you.” I said. Steve smiled super broadly and nodded like a bobble-head. I gave Mawuli a long hug. “Thank you.” I said but he shook his head and said, “No, thank you.” I was surprised. “Why, what did I do?” I asked. “You gave me hope again.” He replied and I really smiled.

The end....


  1. So you did saaaaaa no action eh??? IsoKay! Loved every bit of it :)

  2. JULZ!! U do aaa, dem no do da doo! Incredible twist. Still love it to bits. Really cool!

  3. now, this must be cool...didn't follow from the beginning so am just gonna do that.

  4. "If this was a trick to get some action is wasn’t bad at all"..lol.. enjoyed every bit but like Didi said no action.