Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crash 3

I asked him how his wife and son were doing and he told me they were in Australia visiting his wife’s family. “I just felt bored at my place alone that’s why I came bowling.” He said. He took out his car keys and I signaled for him to stop. “Let me guess your car.” I said and stepped onto the parking lot. I looked at all the cars with my hand on my chin. “It’s either this one or that one.” I said pointing to two cars. His mouth fell open. “Yea, it’s that car. How did you know?” He asked. I did a little bow and said with a French accent. “Because I am amazing like that.” He giggled and walked to his car. “Indeed you are. It’s really good to see you.” He said. I nodded. “You know how I guessed your car right?” I saw the sign on the key holder and there are just two Benz’s here.” I confessed. He laughed out so loud I just had to join in. “You smart, sneaky, cheat!” he said, still laughing. He took my number and promised to call me. “I hope it won’t be awkward to give you a hug would it?” He asked. “Just a hug, of course not, silly.” I said. 

Then I saw her. The girl who was in Steve’s car. She was crossing the street to the other side of the car park, where Steve parked. I pulled away from Mawuli immediately. “Are you ok?” He asked as I stared at her. He turned around and saw her. “I’ve got to go. Call me.” I said and rushed off after her. I saw her enter the back seat of the car. There was no one in the driver’s seat so I bet Steve was there too. My arms started shaking as I walked to the car. The trees made it really hard to see what was happening in the backseat!

Luckily for me a car was just leaving and flashed its lights through and I saw them kissing. Steve’s eyes opened and he saw me. Tears rolled down my face as I turned around and run off. I heard the car door open and Steve calling my name. “Fiona, Fiona!” My heart was beating so hard I almost couldn’t hear him. I heard the girl say, “Steve, let her go!” Wow this was like a dream. Just when I got the entrance, I saw Mawuli in his car leaving. He stopped and got out. “Fiona, my goodness! Are you crying?” He asked. I shook my head even though there were tears all over my face. “Take me away from here.” I said and sat in his car.

As we drove off my phone was ringing. It was Steve. I looked at my phone on my lap and ignored it. I was just gazing out the window. How come I never saw this coming? Then I noticed Mawuli was talking. “If you don’t want to talk about it that’s fine but you need to give me directions to your place.” He said. I turned to look at him. “Would it be ok if I hang out at your place for a while? Will go to Samia’s place later.” I finally said. Mawuli turned to look at me sharply. “Of course, sure.” He replied. I could tell he didn’t see that coming. Well neither did I.

To be continued...


  1. I`m Loving this Julz..Please release part 4 soonest Or else *i beg* lol!!!

  2. hope we dont wait too long for the continuation ooo!!!

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  4. lol oh how? i will continue papa.