Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crash 2

We walked back to the table where the guys were. Steve had already ordered food for us. “I think we should do something more interesting. How about we go bowling?” Nii suggested while we ate. Everybody but me agreed. Sadly, majority carried the vote. Samia rushed us as Steve and I ate. I almost choked. She kept reminding us that she had to go to work the next day, like we didn’t! In no time at all we were out of the restaurant and going bowling. That’s the thing about dating men who spent most of their life outside the country. What is this bowling business kwraa? Nii was fond of that. He was so unpredictable. In the car with Steve, I wanted to ask him about the girl but I didn’t know how. I decided to use Samia’s trick but before I could ask the question we had gotten to our destination. This was pretty annoying. 

“This place is nice.” I said and sat down on one of the seats. It was really comfy. Nii walked up to the attendant to make payment and Samia tagged along. I had a chance to talk to Steve again. I had made up my mind to go straight to the point. Immediately I opened my mouth to talk I heard someone shout out my name. “Fiona!” I turned around and saw who it was. It was Mawuli, my high school sweetheart! Wow he looked even cuter than in school. “My goodness! Mawuli, it’s been forever.” I said as he walked up to me. He hugged me and lifted me off the floor. I laughed out loud. “It’s been longer than forever.” He said, putting me down. I straightened my skirt and turned to Steve. “Erm Mawuli, this is my boyfriend Steve. Steve thi is Mawuli, my friend from High school.” I quickly said. They shook hands and Steve walked off to where Samia and Nii were.

Mawuli told me about how his stay in Australia was and his decision to move to Ghana with his wife a few months ago. He even showed me a picture of his two year old son, Dillon. “Mawuli?” Samia said when she got to where we were. He turned and hugged her eagerly too. “Wow today must be my lucky day.” He said. “Wow, look at you. You lost so much weight, looking amazing girl!” He complimented and Samia did a little spin too. We all laughed. “Have you met my fiance? Nii, this is Mawuli, Fiona’s ehem from High school.” She said. “Herr, Samia!” I exclaimed. I looked at Steve from the side of my eye. He wasn’t happy kwraa. Nii and Mawuli shook hands. “So are we bowling or what?” Steve interrupted. “Hey Mawuli, do you want to join us?” Samia asked. “Well I’m not too good at bowling…” He started but Nii cut in, “Neither are we. We are just having fun. Join us.” He smiled and agreed. I saw Steve shaking his head. For that whole time I forgot about the girl I saw in his car. I was having fun. It’s something my mother always told me. ‘If you are worried or thinking about somebody too much, go have fun with other people.’ 

Nii was the first to play. He wasn’t bad at all. He dropped 5 pins. Samia was next. Sadly, there was no luck. She yelled at the balls to fall because it was her birthday. I pretended to be on the phone when it was my turn, so Steve played. Miraculously six pins dropped. What?! That was impressive. “And that, ladies and gentlemen is how it’s done. I think I’m a pro.” He said. Mawuli clapped for him and took a bowling ball. And yes dear friends, you guessed as much. He took his time, gently threw the ball and just like magic all but I pin was standing. Samia jumped up and down. My mouth was just open. “I have found my coach!” Samia yelled. “We are done oh.” Steve said clearly jealous. Nii picked a ball. “Wait, Fiona hasn’t played yet.” Mawuli said and everybody turned to me. “Ah Mawuli paa, how can I play after you?” I teased. Nii gave me the ball and I just stood there. Mawuli walked up to me. “It’s not that hard. Just make sure u bend at a comfortable angle and release the ball.” He said. I smiled at him and shook my head. “Fiona, Fiona!” Samia cheered. I giggled and did what Mawuli said. At least I tried to. The ball went straight into the gutter and Samia’s laughter infected everyone, even me. “I’m not playing again!” I joked and went to sit down.

To be continued... : )